This challenge becomes greater as it requires not only political and institutional willingness, but also close cooperation with society to euuropiane attitudes and mentality discriminating against individuals or groups. Interpretation of the Law. The Fate of Julian Assange: However during the analysis is clearly noted the need for the amendment of the Albanian law and the specific interventions to be realized. Aus dem Englischen von Josefa Zimmermann.

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A ju kujtohet Premtimi i pare i bere nga Kryerilindasi ne fushaten e vitit Disa sugjerime gazetareske A do ta vene ndonjehere "ujin ne zjarr" qeveritaret e korruptuara te Kripto Demokracise Shqiptare????.

Lame Tapia Ai hap rrugen per te vene ne vend te drejten e shkelur nga vleresimet skandaloze te bera nga ATP,ne shume raste dhe me vlere negative. Urojme Pronaret ta fitojne kete beteje Njihuni me Vendimin e sotem shume te diskutuar te Gjykates se Strasburgut "Beshiri dhe te tjere kunder Shqiperise". Mes gjyqtareve qe dhane vendimin edhe Sorosiani shqiptar, gjyqtari Darian Pavli.

Shpallen te papranueshme aplikimet. Me ne Fund Ligji famekeq u shfuqizua!!!!! Ti lexojne me vemendje keshillat e nje te majti te moderuar dhe jo "Rilindas",se cfare pasojash do ti shkaktojne vellezerve te tyre Autoktone te shpronesuar ne dhe te ardhmes te Pronesive mbi token ne Bregdetin Jonoian. Filloi terheqja edhe nga Konventa Europiana e te Drejtave te Njeriut e cila eshte Miratuar nga Parlamenti Shqiptar pozite, opozite deputet dhe terheqja behet me nje Kerkese te thjeshte nga Qeveria e "Corona Virusit" Sot me dt.

Do te humbasin qindra Hektare nga toka bujqesore dhe kullotat ne Kakome.. Fushen e Nivices Sigurisht do kete edhe te fituar nga ky Ligj, do te jene vetem ata qe kane perqafuar dhe luftuar fort per te zbatuar Ligjin dhe domozdo perfitimet do ti marrin para fushates se radhes zgjedhore ne kembim te votava ndaj "Babait te Kombit" Kto jane orientimet kunder pronareve autoktone dhe trashegimtareve te tyre dhene nga lideri I fundit I Diktatures se kuqe ne Pleniumit e PPSH viti Cdo teze e hedhur aty eshte zbatuar nje per nje nga pasuesit ne anarkodemokracine Shqiptare dhe vazhdon edhe me femijte e tyre Rilindas..

Neve na intereson karta morale e tyre. Miratuar nga Rilindasit. Lexoni analizen e sakte te bere nga Sekretari i Shoqates "Pronesi me Drejtesi" z. Agim TORO. Nje leksion "brilant" nga L. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Fondacioni Autoktonet e Bregut on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Information about Page Insights Data. May 7, of the Strasbourg Court.. Do you remember the first promise made by the Prime Minister in the campaign Si mund te riparohet e Drejta e mohuar e Prones????

How can the denied property rights be repaired???? Some journalist suggestions Will the corrupt government of Albanian crypto democracy ever put the " water on fire????. Together with the mayors Gjithashtu, shoqata u We wish the owners to win this battle Get to know the decision of today's very discussed by the Strasbourg Court "Beshiri and others against Albania". Done in English and written in writing on May 7, The Court added a key condition: it appreciated that, in some cases, property assessment under the Property Treatment Law could result in much lower levels of compensation for some former owners compared to previous legislation I don't know.

See More. Finally the Famous Law was abolished!!!!! Today with DT. Brodan's throat, Lower Pear Pear Pear, volloderet Ramiz Alice's word with closed doors in Read 2 minutes and share! Our system has capitalized in front of that capitalist, so we are forced to change strategies.

This strategy will aim in two directions: 1. In respect of human rights 2. In the creation of political pluralism. Human rights are something within us and can be abused with them to somewhere, but pluralism will become that it does not.

Our opponents will urge them to create parties as much as they want; left, right and center, but still these parties should be controlled and run by Us. Programs for the establishment of these parties we will form and approve them. At the top of these parties, people who support our Strategy should be brought out.

The party that will take power, will curse communism with the foundation and roof. In this way, we will gain the sympathy of the West and the Anti-Communist Dissidence. Those who are in prisons, sentenced and anti-communist political persecuted will talk about us and will curse us. And these are known to hate communism, but they will approach us and support us. We care about their moral card. In the implementation of human rights, we must also give compensation to political prisoners and complete them with residential comfort.

We will give to the seized and exproprietary from a letter to hand, "to be recognized property", but we will never give them their Property and, in different forms, we will confuse them with each other. They will pass through court, where the rotation will be implemented, from the First Instance Court to Second and, for "technical defects", will return to the First.

Prisoners and persecuted are elderly, have no power and are dangerous. We need to be careful of their kids. But these, giving them a passport and pressured, we will remove them from Albania. Those who claim, oppose or insist, will be hurt and punished. Their wealth belongs to Us, for We have done it. The material Gorbachev sent me for two years. They have gone far ahead. That's why You are aware, as we discussed these problems before.

We have a framework for seven central committees, so there is no reason to be afraid. We have studies and platforms ready for implementation. There will be a lot of intellectuals that will oppose us, but we will shut these up and give them a piece of work.

A concern can create us pensioner intellectuals. We will offer them the creation of the Association of War and Labour Veterans, then we will give them from a minipension and keep them ison. Kosovo is on the threshold of the declaration of the Constitution. Let's do as they want, because we have our platform. Everything is scheduled. Your strategy is all clear. In accordance with this strategy, we have also defined the ways for the implementation of our goal and mission.

Under an extreme anti-communism propaganda and with some minor penalties, for the eye and page, to the High Communist Nomeklature, "We, Reformers Communists", will implement our Strategy in the Economy, according to which Capitalists and Owners in a socialist country, to be Us and Our People.

With this strategy, within two or three legislatures, we will be able to create a Capitalist Class, which will experience us in the Political Power of the Future, which we have planned and preparing ourselves. Be sure the future will be ours. We will never allow the restoration of the political power of our enemies.

The future of our children will be wonderful, that's why we have shed so Blood and we will spill again if necessary. We and our children will enjoy Albania. If it will happen to take our power and risk us, then haram if we do not know how to protect the victories achieved, even with the throat of the rifle, as once, in our Youth. Therefore, always be prepared for both ways of holding power: the peaceful path and the path of armed war.

We are prepared for both roads and for this we have our bodies of violence and very determined and capable people, which we have prepared for all these years, with defeat and sacrifices. Woe to those who dare to come forward to Us and oppose Us. So keep your morals up and don't be afraid. If the need is born, we will also have the support of external ideological allies in power, who do not need to mention. Good day and bye!

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Constitutional Law: The aim of the course is to enable the students to grasp the structure, organization and functioning of the state. The development of constitutionalism and the principles and procedures of constitutional law will also be covered. The objective of the course is to give students a complete overview of the constitutional law with special reference on the Albanian Constitution, considered as the newest and one of the most modern in Europe. The students will receive sufficient information of the sources of the constitutional law, its application in practice and the division of powers according to the constitutional law. A special attention will be at the constitutional institutions and their role at the political, social and economic life of the country. At the end of the course the student should know well the main constitutional principles in comparative law and in Albanian law , including the ways of their implementation.


Gjykata Evropiane për të Drejtat e Njeriut

The rights and freedoms secured by the Convention include the right to life, the right to a fair hearing, the right to respect for private and family life, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, and the protection of property. The Convention prohibits, in particular, torture and inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, slavery and forced labour, arbitrary and unlawful detention, and discrimination in the enjoyment of the rights and freedoms secured by the Convention. Map of the member states An overview Activity report. Local democracy Elections World Forum for Democracy.


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Konventa europiane e te drejtave te njeriut


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