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Disclaimer: This information is not something I have learned from David Kibbe, and only represents what I think. Please join Strictly Kibbe if you would like help on your journey with Kibbe. While I could repeat what David says, it was hard to get people on board if they felt that they had a short line, despite being tall.

I think I have come up with a way to explain it that makes sense. The Romantics have one due to their round shape, their curves. Gamines, on the other, have a broken line. I can see this easily in my body. It is composed of short lines. Now, when you add length to either a broken line or a rounded line, it loses that quality.

All of the individual lines in my body would be longer. A rounded shape lengthens and the curvature is less dramatic compared to the length of the body. Putting flesh aside, we can divide them into two fundamental elements:. The other variations come from having short or moderate vertical.

You have literal, physical length. All the Image IDs have a broader range of women than Hollywood might make it seem, because generally to find success in Hollywood, you have to adhere to a certain beauty standard. Each Image ID includes a wide range of women who share particular features in their physicality, but every individual in an Image ID is unique.

If you are a tall woman, you just happen to have one major piece of the puzzle solved for you, which is your vertical. We all know that Audrey Hepburn is one of the major style icons of the 20th century, and she also happens to be a Flamboyant Gamine. I think this is due to the fact that Audrey dressed so well for her Image ID that she was able to make items with a lot of design elements, or adding these herself, look classic, chic, and sophisticated.

Yes, she wore a plain white shirt, but she added a knot. She always added flourishes that provided what we need for our yin. I think this is a mistake that a lot of people who have more of a classic sensibility make when they come to FG.

She embodied what it means to be a Flamboyant Gamine because she always knew what an outfit needed to take it from something anyone would wear to the level of design a Flamboyant Gamine requires.

What he does on Facebook and on his website is painted as something totally different from what he said before. David has continued to work and develop his theory since the book came out, so naturally some things have indeed changed:. Part of this impression stems from the fact that only selected portions of the book have made it to the internet, primarily the quiz and the descriptions of the Image IDs and their recommendations.

In fact, due to these changes in clothing construction, trying to replicate the effects in modern styles might actually not even work. I think this is especially true for anyone who has to accommodate width or curve. Clothing construction now means that clothing also tends to take shape of the body it is on, instead of the other way around.

So one garment may suit several IDs, but they would all style it differently. This is not something that Kibbe has said, but rather my assumption based on the fact that these IDs once existed, and now do not.

David now prescribes the same watercolor technique for everyone, and you work with your bone structure. Glossy lips are also favored for all. So please, do not listen to YouTube videos that try to follow the heavy 80s makeup recommended! As I said in the beginning, sometimes people act is the book is just completely outdated, and what David teaches you in Strictly Kibbe is completely different.

But when I go back to the book and read it, I see the same David on the page as the one I encounter in Strictly Kibbe. He then introduces you to yin and yang as used in the system, and how you can rectify these two different selves, if there is a conflict. There are 25 pages of text before you even get to the quiz, and then there is a fantasy quiz, for you to understand your inner self better. Like today, you are thinking about yourself and your dreams, and you understand yin and yang, before you ever get to the quiz.

The lack of this foundation in yin and yang is why people have such trouble with the quiz. This is the portion before the checklist, where he describes each Image ID. Both sides are important, but Yang is dominant. Your overall silhouette is composed of Yang shapes: very angular and geometric, straight lines with sharp edges. Your important Yin secondary characteristics are expressed by working with broken and staccato lines and detail.

He teaches it basically exactly as described in the book, and works with the same seasons and, while the makeup application techniques have changed, the same colors still work. If you have the book, I would definitely pull it out and read it and see whether you can see Contemporary Kibbe in its pages. These are just the things that came to me when looking through the book, so if you have any other questions about the book vs.

This blog has been around for a long time now, and the older posts date from before David joined the Facebook groups and changed the way all of us see and work with his system. It feels like the most appropriate thing for me to do, rather than make a whole bunch of posts private, is to continue to rewrite posts to update them to how I understand the Kibbe Metamorphosis system to work now.

This is a subject of some controversy. Yin is short and rounded; yang is long and angular. Your height is key to this very fundamental aspect of yin and yang. Because the taller you are, the more prominent yang is, and it starts to become too much length yang for these balances.

TR is much more yin than people seem to think, especially. Gamines need to be compact, and you would lose that compactness with more length.

SC, of course, needs to be moderate, with extra yin, and you cannot have that with length. Literal length is automatically yang. And then what you have is vertical, vertical with curve and perhaps width , or vertical with width. There is no way to get to moderate, or juxtaposition. First, celebrities are not intended as data points.

They should not be used as points of comparison. There is far more emphasis placed on celebrities around the Kibbe-focused internet than there should be. The best examples of an Image ID are people who have actually gone to Kibbe and been given a Metamorphosis by him. Same with every other celebrity listed with a height taller than the range for the Image ID. Women who are shorter but in a taller Image ID i. But you cannot have it the other way around, because literal length always has to be addressed.

Your Image ID is the same no matter where you are. If people tend to be taller in your country, that just means there are more yang people in your country.

This is the same for ethnicities. You are assessed as an individual. Basically, height comes from the way yin and yang works. If you think about it in terms of the basics I have in the beginning of this post—yin is short and rounded, yang is long and angular—it helps makes sense of why height plays such an important role in your Image ID.

And so on. Thinking about yin and yang will help you make sense of the question of height. This is something I see a lot in online chatter. The first is history. The Kibbe community was already established in private and secret groups on Facebook, and it made sense to stay on Facebook so that when we started a group with a new philosophy, people could easily join from the old community. The next reason is privacy.

The Kibbe process is a very personal one, and I believe it works best when it is done in a space where people can allow themselves to vulnerable. We want people to be able to go through the process in a supportive, protected environment. The last is an element of control, although maybe not in the way you think.

I do want as many people to be able to access the information as possible, and as long as people follow the process, they are allowed in. I have seen people use his test to type people or put portions of his book on their website while letting people believe that it is their own work.

David gives the kind of help and feedback other people have paid thousands of dollars to receive from him. Additionally, David has information on his own site, www. I hope this clarifies some of logic behind why we have made the choice we have. The idea that David Kibbe contradicts himself all the time is something I see frequently in non-sanctioned Kibbe spaces on the internet.

In fact, this idea just seems to be generally accepted as truth. He has had that much more time to think about his work.

And the way he is able to present his work now, by interacting with us, has brought a lot of clarity. But this does not mean that his work contains contradictions. The place where I usually see this being brought up is in regard to height. David is clear on height and how it functions within his ideas of yin and yang. People will bring up a celebrity that is reported to be taller I love Rihanna, but I never want to hear about her being a tall TR again that David put in an Image ID that has to be shorter.

It is convenient for people to think that David contradicts himself, because then they can remain in a state of resistance. If you believe David contradicts himself, you can be whatever you want, including a tall Gamine , since any statement on his part is up for debate. So no, David does not contradict himself. I have always worked with multiple style systems. My approach to doing so has evolved over the years.


David Kibbe's Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle as Only You Can

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David Kibbe's Metamorphosis: Discover Your Image Identity and Dazzle As Only You Can


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