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Reviewed by Jean Hudon planetearthnetwork. Ken Carey has done it again. Almost 12 years after writing down, with an old typing machine, what was then gently overimposed into his consciousness by some extraterrestrial or other-dimensional entities1, Ken has now received another incredible flow of information of cosmic significance to Humanity.

We can but stare in wonder at the marvelous level of insights, visions and clarification that are given to the world through this almost magical process of conscious channeling. In this new chapter of transmissions coming literally from the Source of all stars and all beings, we are offered a new and generous perspective opening unsuspected vistas on the unfolding saga of human and planetary evolution on this wonderful living planet Earth - or Gaia for those already acquainted with this emerging awareness.

The purpose of this article, written with Ken Carey's latest book in one hand and with an open heart and an open mind in the other, so as to say, to receive the insightful guidance of the Universal Reality, is to somehow synthesize and summarize for the benefit of the many what is being offered to the few who will actually tread the path of reading this prodigious book. Indeed so many people are in great need today of the guiding visions presented through this book, "Starseed, The Third Millenium"2 , that I sensed this summer July 91 , while reading it, that my "mission", repeatedly suggested by my inner promptings, was to sit down and crystallize in easy-to-grasp words and concepts the quintessential messages of this new transmission3.

This is certainly not an easy task to accomplish for this book is so packed-full of intricately woven ideas and illuminating revelations, and is written in such a poetic and finely crafted manner that I'm almost sure to misrepresent the intensity and fragrance emanating from it. At least I feel strongly supported by invisible aides and I know that the right words and appropriate flow of thoughts will come to assist me in this work.

My only hope is that you, the reader, will also assist in this process and open a window of receptivity through which images and concepts may enter the realm of your mind and thus fertilize your own internal process of evolution. Out of this, some may decide to further explore this profound subject and go at the source, that is, read Ken Carey's latest book, while others may simply integrate in their own life and soul the pearls of knowledge submitted to their attention and appreciation.

Opening Starseed and reading its first chapter is like merging one's conscious awareness with some highly eclectic and vastly expanded level of perception and knowing through which one may sometime feel a bit dizzy as when you look down from a towering observation post.

The perspective offered by Ken Carey's cosmic guides is magnificent and the sense of belonging to a vast body of conscious beings gives an indefinable feeling of powerful yet benevolent strength as well as a confusing sense of discrepancy between that very feeling and our own weakness and smallness. Like an ignorant visitor discovering an unknown land and its mysterious traditions, we have to stretch our intelligence to accommodate these higher vibrations of thinking and try to fully understand what is being expressed.

And quickly we discover that the only way to succeed in grasping what is being presented is to allow ourselves into a non-critical, non-judgmental state of mind where we freely float above our preconditioned thinking for a while, thus permitting the flow of Light and information to enter our minds and circulate in the deeper recesses of our beings where our soul connections may then be awakened and our inner intuitive, innate knowledge triggered to the instantaneous recognition of the truthfulness and validity of what entered our minds.

Mind-boggling, isn't it! Yet, it is exactly what happens when you survey openly the ideas expressed in these pages We are of a common fiber, spiritually talking, with these brethren of a long forgotten past.

As we discover more explicitly in the following chapters, the universe at the origin "contained" and"was contained" by the same undifferentiated field of consciousness, by God's Presence if you will. We were then all parts of the same whole being and the differentiation process of incarnation in material forms had not yet taken place. We are being reminded this antediluvian, in fact antedensification state of being that was ours and asked to flip our self-identification accordingly.

Through you a new unprecedented cycle of creation will occur. As they see from their perspective, our history of mixing up into the material world is still relatively young. The ever-repeating process of densification of portions of the Universal Awareness so they may delve into the lower end of the vibrational ladder of creation always starts with a thought in the mind of God. And instantaneously, the first two separate manifestations of Eternity appear, thus giving existence to space and time which cannot be without separate individuals to observe them and realize their existence.

In singularized Oneness throughout infinity, space and time simply have no room to come into existence, for all is "felt" as one huge undifferentiated whole existing in an all encompassing simultaneity. But a simple thought is enough to break the stillness of Eternal Oneness and thus initiate a whole new cycle of creation. And as Ken Carey wrote: "The creation of specific beings or angels to sustain this thought over an open-ended stretch of time brought forth the steady stream of cumulative creation that has made possible, and given birth to, this present universe.

Here are some "conceptual tools" provided for through these transmissions. First, as we said, there was Oneness. Then the first two original polarities of the universe were "Spoken Forth". We know them as Love and Truth. Love governs all manifestations of energy, and Truth reigns over all expressions of forms and structures. The interplay between these two primeval polarities or forces with all their infinitely different gradients of combination basically defines all that exists and how everything interacts.

From that moment on, we, as ethereal beings temporarily adopting an expression of individual existence to briefly plunge into the still infant manifested world of newborn galaxies, were to take on a very dangerous course of self-identification.

Instead of retaining the all pervading conscious awareness of being One With All That Is as the only mode of reality, we started thinking that maybe, eventually, we could lose this ability we then had to adopt some temporal form to interact with the emerging material realm, relapse into Oneness after this interaction had naturally run its course, and then re-adopt again a new form and a new identity for the sake of playing with conscious self-identification.

It seems that some Tempters came to cast such doubts in our minds and thus set the stage for more self-delusion leading inevitably to the complete yet illusory sense of separation from all that exists, known today as the Fall.

Those Tempters are described in the book as "Dark Principalities" endowed with greater powers than most of us but similarly prejudiced and biased by this deeply rooted disease of the mind that puts the Fear of losing self-identification above the Joy of eternal recreation in a new pattern of manifestation perfectly suited to any given situation and time.

Observing all this and discovering that communication was increasingly more difficult for lack of being recognized by these gradually self-materializing entities who could not validate information and warnings coming from ethereal, almost non-existent beings, the other entities, still firmly anchored into the Eternal Field of Unity, decided to get likewise materialized so as to succeed in reaching the attention of these lost sheep and somehow "corral" them back to the Source -- with their conscious and willing participation of course.

It appears that very few actually succeeded in this incredible feat. In the book they are called "Angels of Principality", also know as Bodhisattvas. In accordance with the old legend of a lost paradise, it was in fact these conscious Principalities who "landed" first in the lower realm of matter, precisely on this lush planet Earth, and created a Cornucopia of exquisite fruits, vegetations and animal species, thus showing the Intentions of the Creator.

They were joined some time later by the Dark Principalities as well as all of us shortly after, now in human form. Then the self-induced disease plaguing our kind quickly degenerated in a complete loss of any sense of Oneness along with a mania for "storing identities within our psyche as one might store dresses or suits of clothing in a closet, preserving them with herbs of self-importance and spices of fear.

There are still many currents of Love inspiring us but also an awful lot of misidentification with material pursuits and its worst Life and Oneness-denying traits: greed, violence and destruction on a planetary scale.

It is high time that we see the Light and switch back to more Life-affirming principles and practices. Now, let's pause for a second to try to assimilate more clearly the true significance of this information. So it is that we are not in reality these bodies of flesh and blood but some outgrowth of God's consciousness temporarily stricken with amnesia and struggling to regain full memory of our past splendor -- in short, Total Recall with a different twist. We have been misguided by some misconceived idea that retaining a sense of individual identity was worth losing entirely any sense of connection with the entire universe and its Divine Creator.

Still, this all Powerful Force that we call Love is somehow attracting us back to the Source of All That Is and we are now reawakening our God-Self sense of identity in the midst of the most intense struggle between the forces of Darkness and Light that has ever been. While the Earth is being torn apart by greed, selfishness and a blinding ignorance of our Divinity, more and more souls are rekindling a new hope for our future thus fulfilling the aeons old Plan for the regeneration of Harmony in the universe.

But to really "bite" into this emerging reality that will change everything for Good, once and for all, there is no other way than to immerse ourselves in its powerful currents of Love and let ourselves be taken up through the curtain of illusion until we glimpse from higher on the overarching beauty and magnificence of Life on Earth and share the intensely ecstatic Joy of being One with the Almighty, living and breathing through all of us and all Its creation.

So, if you feel for it, you may want to pause for a couple of minutes before continuing ahead and use whatever meditation technique you are familiar with to get in tune with this marvelous and possibly renewed revelation that a Speck of God, a Pearl of Light, a Crystallization of Infinity is what you really are And dissolve any past misconception to now align your whole life with this true Gift of Love. At twenty billion years, the universe is still young with plenty of room and time to experiment new forms of interaction between God and matter.

As the transmitting Beings speaking to us through Ken Carey explain, biology now dotting some worlds with a thin veil of Life has still a long way to go before it fully manifests its potential.

Much remains dormant in the fields of energy radiating from countless stars and galaxies. Following the harmonic patterns set in motion by the Primal Fiat of Divine Volition, ever reverberating across space and time as a permanent reminder of what is yet to be, a multitude of physical forms have sprung forth, expressing only a fraction of the infinitely expanding Intentions of the Star Maker.

We, as individual beings, have been offered to choose among these endless possibilities to manifest an harmonic resonance of this Primal Tone in accordance with our own nature and inclination. As we strive to synchronize our steps on this beautiful land with the universal drumbeat, we faintly start to hear the echo of an intriguing story across the distorting filter of a culture mainly based on violence and fear One day you will call into orbital patterns the atoms, molecules, and cells that will objectify this infrastructure and provide its physicality.

A powerful beam of information is striking our societies of consumption, exploitation and sensual hyper-stimulation and triggering the Global Awakening of the Creator asleep within us. Post-historic societies, as Ken Carey calls them, will be able to tap into unlimited degrees of galactic, universal intelligence as well as channel the intelligence of angelic beings and devas, connected with all the kingdoms of Nature, to fully manifest "a holographic understanding of the Being whose unfoldment is the universe.

As the continuum of human and planetary evolution accelerates with each passing day, the imminence of this approaching instant of Total Unification of Mind rumbles like a colossal tidal wave about to engulf in oblivion all the spectral fears of the past few thousands years of unconscious, bottom-of-the-barrel God-human involution.

Information on all sorts of ways to improve health, communications and educational opportunities has dramatically improved our chances to avoid the worst planetary upheavals long predicted as the possible outcome for the downward spiral of our "Descent to Hell". Now we stand on the threshold of an unprecedented expansion of consciousness that will render obsolete most past visions, ideologies and paradigms that are soon to be relegated to the drawers of incompatible instruments of self-understanding.

Post-history is about to begin. Yet, as they point, "incarnation into biological form was intended from the beginning. We were not originally supposed to lose our sense of Oneness with the Eternal Source but, as already indicated, we were deceived into believing fearful thoughts of separation and isolation by entities under the spell of the forces of materialization.

They are the caretakers of Creation's landscape, the rulers of subconscious processes and events. So it was almost inevitable that in the course of dipping deeply into physical dimensions we would come under the influence of such powerful forces and entities. Whatever resulting balance, between consciously retaining a sense of participating to the Universal Spirit and being affected by the intensely pressing needs and objectivity of the material realm, was bound to depend on our own free will and could not be foreseen nor controlled from the start of the "human project.

And so was the influence of our physical senses upon which we gradually relied so completely to assess the situations we are faced with and decide what course of action to take, that we eventually became spiritually blind, refusing to recognize as valid the informational input coming from within and favoring exclusively what we were told to believe through our physical senses. Thus came to be the needless and excessively barbaric and savage period of human history from which we are now just coming out.

But to fully awaken from these centuries of Darkness, we must clearly understand why we became trapped in such a predicament. What generated such an intense desire to remain cut off from the whole? What is still keeping us under the yoke of spiritual blindness? Basically, fear is the central culprit. Driven by the continuous influence of the pervading materialization forces, we came to doubt ourselves completely and we consequently rejected our innate natural sense of Oneness and trust in the benevolence of Life, adopting whatever cultural framework available to replace our God-given sense of inner harmony with a fake and fear-dominated set of ideas and behaviors passed on from one generation to the next.

Thus all belief systems, social conventions and traditions based on an inherited cultural sense of confusion and separation, and on fear-related values are inherently flawed at the core. They cannot help human beings in sustaining a healthy relationship with each other and with our surrounding world, and must therefore be rejected. A new paradigm is needed, one that will put emphasis on personal experience and spiritual intuition to guide our lives.

For as Ken Carey's transmitting intelligences so rightly indicate: "Ideologies are toxic. They poison perception and happiness. They block access to the intelligence that is designed to guide people's lives. It is the responsibility of each of us to undertake such a sweeping change of mind to free ourselves collectively from the bonding influence of religious or ideological dogmatism.

And now the time has come for a new beginning, for a new cycle of creation, except that this time we are called to take part in it, consciously and with the entire realm of experience we have gathered during our long trek into density. Already you are moving in the currents of eternal thought. As you continue to flow with this thought, it becomes your own.

You remember. Finally, it is of the utmost importance that we take full responsibility for our own salvation. As demonstrated during the last few decades, all over the world people are now taking responsibility from their tyrants and despots to govern their own lives according to democratic principles and an innate sense of justice and freedom. Although our long detour into historic mishaps and human tragedies might seem a waste of precious Life and energies, we are being told that, nevertheless, all this serves some useful purpose, and nothing is lost in the end.

Through the sheer intensity of human experience in the physical world, we gradually acquired the needed qualities to interract consciously, passionately and harmoniously with the planetary being now emerging from the human project. And it is only through our own free will and dedicated enthusiasm that this project will succeed, for such a freedom of choice is what makes this living universe so unpredictable, and therefore so exhilaratingly wonderful.

Having discovered or unveiled the true understanding that was already present in a more or less dormant state within your very being, your soul-light being, you are now certainly wondering what this all means to you and your present life, and what is going to take place from now on This realization, that not only are we pearls of consciousness stemming from the original Source of all Life but also that a tremendously wonderful destiny awaits us, provided we accept to collaborate to its unfolding, can but shake off for a moment the dull feeling of living through an ordinary life, working 9 to 5, eating and sleeping, day on day off, without any real challenge or any real exhilarating and adventurous odyssey to take on.

So are we to become something else than what we thought we were Are we to unearth mysterious forces that were lying dormant within us for endless centuries awaiting the moment to manifest their existence through co-creating with other equally powerful ethereal beings a new realm of manifestation that was planned since the Beginning in God's mysterious Design for this universal reality


The Starseed Transmissions

Reviewed by Jean Hudon planetearthnetwork. Ken Carey has done it again. Almost 12 years after writing down, with an old typing machine, what was then gently overimposed into his consciousness by some extraterrestrial or other-dimensional entities1, Ken has now received another incredible flow of information of cosmic significance to Humanity. We can but stare in wonder at the marvelous level of insights, visions and clarification that are given to the world through this almost magical process of conscious channeling.


The Starseed Transmission




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