President Yoweri Museveni approved the salary structure in December last year, in which the lowest paid employee tea girl earns sh1. The public service ministry was tasked to prepare an administrative structure for the Authority. Under the structure, Jennifer Musisi is entitled to a monthly salary of sh36m while the Lord Mayor bags sh16m. The deputy executive director and other directors earn between shs22m, the deputy Lord Mayor sh11m; division mayors sh Division councilors are entitled to sh3.

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News started trickling in yesterday evening that the first-ever Executive Director of the Kampala Capital City Authority, which was founded in had resigned from her post effective December 15, She cited the challenges of failing to reconcile competing for political interests the KCCA strategic plans and policies. Musisi also highlighted the inadequate funding by government and as such KCCA was unable to meet the government and public expectations of city development and service delivery.

She has been one of the highest earning civil servants taking home more than Ush 40million per month. In , a committee was tasked by the government to conduct an across-the-board review of salaries for civil servants and proposed a significant raise and cuts in salaries of different categories of government workers.

This was after there had been a number of strikes from different government employees complaining of poor pay and varying salaries paid to people at similar ranks.

The grumbling led to the closure of public hospitals, courts and public schools under the National Organization of Trade Unions, calling for an immediate review and realignment of salaries paid to public servants. In the new structure, the head of public service is designated to earn Shs17 million a month, up from Shs4 million, while his deputy who has been earning Shs4 million, will now take home Shs16 million.

The other beneficiaries were the Vice Chancellors of the Public Universities and other top dons in institutions of higher learning whose salaries were increased, and in the new structure, a VC will earn Shs10 million up from Shs9 million monthly. Also, a professor will earn Shs8,, up from Shs8,,, while an Associate Professor is going to earn Shs7,, up from Shs7,, The argument of piecemeal pay increments for selected categories of public servants led to imbalances within the civil service structure, prompting different groups to threaten industrial action or actually carry it out demanding to be treated the same way those doing comparable work for the government are treated.

U8 — lowest rank civil servants like drivers and messengers. They are O-level certificate holders with requisite qualifications like driving permit, etc. U1E — Heads of departments at the district level, like district medical officers, district education officers. Jennifer Semakula Musisi is a Ugandan lawyer and public administrator. If she wishes, she can go back to practice law full blast or go into private business.

She can basically opt to go full blast in legal practice or decide to become a business lady and do private businesses. Musisi earlier worked for Makerere University as a legal adviser. She graduated from Budo in , at the top of her class.

She also has qualifications in management, taxation, and law from several institutions including Harvard Law School and George Washington University in the United States. Over-reliance on metal scraps and imported ingots for manufacturing steel products will soon be history in Uganda when Tembo Steels Uganda Limited completes a mega iron ore processing plant in Iganga District set to be the largest in Eastern Africa.

Former Vice president Dr. Specioza Wandera Kazibwe has asked commercial banks and other financial institutions to come up with friendly financial products for minority groups in the economy such as women and the youths. Kazibwe, an entrepreneur and farmer, said the current products being offered by commercial banks are too expensive for such group of […].

Launched with a view to improve transparency in trade and help improve the decision-making processes for micro, […]. Skip to content. Uganda Government new salary structure In , a committee was tasked by the government to conduct an across-the-board review of salaries for civil servants and proposed a significant raise and cuts in salaries of different categories of government workers.

What the new structure will pay. Similarly, Permanent Secretaries are to earn Shs15 million monthly, up from Shs3. Who is on which scale? U6 — Diploma holders, like teachers in primary and secondary schools. U5 — These are headteachers, some diploma holder teachers, etc. U4 — Entry-level for graduates.

U3 — Senior officers like senior personnel officers at districts. U2 — principal officers, especially at district level. U1E — Heads of departments at the district level, like district medical officers, district education officers What next for her after resignation? EABW Editor. Related Articles. Industry Resources. Agribusiness Industry.


KCCA tea girl to earn sh1.1m salary

Teacher are given little, this document talks of scientists. I wonder how a science teacher can teach science if he is not a scientist? A science Tr is not a scientist yet he teaches scientists science. I would like to get clarification on health information officers and assistants enhanced salary or down sized salary because we are now paid below the appointments we are having, may be ours was cut down. Teachers of Biology and Chemistry are highly exposed to carcinogenic chemicals like formalin , mineral and organic acids. I pray that they are considered for dear pay rise. I would wish that balance payment would be introduced give teachers enough salaries and ask them accountability on performance and employ youths.


Could the Public Service Salary review process have caused Musisi resignation?

In this phase, there will be need to scale up the demand and supply for improved sanitation services. This is to be achieved through a number of interventions including the construction of model public toilets and the implementation of the sanitation marketing Strategies. Sanitation Engineer. Communications Officer. Programme Officer — Sanitation Marketing.


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Lukwago asked the Acting KCCA Deputy Executive Director, Sam Sserunkuma during the council meeting held on Monday to furnish council with the report during an ordinary authority meeting, which will be convened from May 15th to 16th, He directed that the report should detail who earns what and why they are paid that amount. According to the current salary structure, the Lord Mayor gets a net salary of Shs11, ,; division mayors Shs 7, , ; KCCA councilors Shs3, , and division councilors Shillings 2, , Lukwago says the salary structure of political leaders has been making rounds in the mainstream and social media yet the salary structure of the technical officers has remained a secret. Lukwago further asked for an explanation on the status of the Kampala minister in KCCA, how much she is paid and how her budget is used.


Salary Structure FY 2018/2019 (Schedule 1 – 12)


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