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Our Latest Newsletter. Product Reviews. Newsletter RSS Feed. Can we respond to you about this? Start Over Advanced Search. Products found in this section A universe where humanity has made its home in the solar system, with colonies from Mercury to Jupitier.

Only to revisit its warring nature in the new frontier of space. Jovian Wars is a tabletop wargame of set in the universe of the Jovian Chronicles, simulating the numerous space Each ship is detailed with photos of the assembled ship from different angles, parts photo, and assembly tips.

There are also painting examples for the small Exo-Armor and Fighter squads and photos of different paint scheme The Art of Jovian Chronicles Volume 1 is pages long with pieces of artwork and descriptions. The artwork has The Art of Jovian Chronicles Volume 2 is pages long with pieces of artwork and descriptions.

The artwork has been saved at dpi with the maximum quality setting used for compression Jovian Chronicles Mekton Strapped in to your cockpit, you impatiently wait for the launch signal. Suddenly, a surge of energy, a blast of light, and your ton war machine is catapulted into the vastness of space. Skillfully, you search the silent void around you for signs of the intruder: there!

Thrusters at full power, you bring your massive railgun to bear, already dodging a hail of missiles launched Europa Incident Jovian ships have been disappearing left and right for the last few months. Strangely enough, all of them vanished while passing close to Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. And now, an unscheduled merchant ship claims to be repairing its malfunctioning plasma drive near the mysterious moon.

A team of exo-armor pilots are sent to investigate. Is there more to this than meets Jovian Chronicles Rulebook 1st Edition With lightning speed, Chris spun her Pathfinder about and brought her particle cannon to bear on the incoming missiles. The verniers of her exo-armor swiveled obediently at the quick strokes of her deft fingers and she jerked forward against the restraints of her linear frame as the machine backed up at full throttle. Pressing control keys and twisting command sticks, she zigzagged backwards, shooting Jovian Chronicles Companion Guilt washed over Viviane at the sight of her inadvertent handiwork.

From the vantage point of her Pathfinder, she gazed at the highly radioactive Corridor of Death between Io and Jupiter, then at the SS Bacchus, drifting away with its engines shut and a gaping hole in its cargo bay. One stray missile In her comm, Captain Murdock was barking orders repeatedly over the blaring Mechanical Catalog Quinn anxiously peered around the edge of the airlock, making sure no one was there to spot him.

He pushed himself through the opening and coasted rapidly to the safety of a large stack of crates tethered to the wall. From his hiding place, he had a perfect view of the monstrous dock. Small ships and numerous spacecraft were docked in the immense berth, their hulls shining in The Chaos Principle The Jovian Confederation has survived in the far reaches of the solar system for nearly a century, abandoning and abandoned by the strife of the inner planets.

Supporting a population of over half a billion people, it is one of the most populated, wealthiest and most advanced societies in history. Under the shining facade and cheerful atmosphere lurk dark secrets, however. Conflicting ideologies Her interlocutor had insisted on audio-only communication, but it didn't matter. She knew who he was. The artificially warbled male voice went on, at the same time deep and deranged. Furthermore, I have enlisted the cooperation of Captain Mortimer Haig, This manual covers three common warships of the Jovian Armed Forces a destroyer, a patrol carrier and a supply tender with precise and detailed texts, backed by extensive illustrations and schematics.

Each ship is thoroughly detailed Spacer's Guide Science fiction presents us with the clash between the mundane world with which we are familiar and the fantastic world of our imaginations. In near-future science fiction, the line between the two is often imperceptible. Still, subtle and not-so-subtle differences arise, especially when it comes to life in space. Telling a believable, realistic story of near-future science fiction without getting This manual describes the structure and duties of the Solar Police, the interplanetary police arm of the United Space Nations.

SolaPol agents roam the solar system on the lookout for criminals and mad scientists, bringing law and order to the cold frontier of deep space. Viewed with This manual covers three common warships of the CEGA Navy an area defense boat, a marine assault vessel and a carrier with precise and detailed texts, backed by extensive illustrations and schematics.

Each ship is thoroughly detailed with full deck plans and layout diagrams. All main In addition to an historical overview, the book examines the culture and way of life of one of the most powerful political entities Mechanical Catalog 2 "That's the last hole!

Drilling wasn't easy. If you didn't hold the drill right, you'd lose grip and a one-ton tool would go spinning out of control. Worse, if you couldn't hold on to the rock, you'd go spinning out of control along with the drill. Asteroid mining wasn't for the timid.

This manual covers five ships of the Jovian Armed Forces - a frigate, a transport, a battleship, a super-carrier and a supply ship - with precise and detailed texts, backed by extensive illustrations and schematics. Each ship is thoroughly detailed with full Lightning Strike Rulebook 1st Edition The strike carrier thundered ahead, its massive hull gleaming in the light of the distant Sun.

Its companions were spread out in a loose attack formation, ready to cut a swath through CEGA's massed fleet.


Jovian Chronicles

It started as a pair of pretty nifty Mekton books, set in an original IP that was basically Gundam with all the crazy sucked out. It was thin, but inspiringly cool. Then Dream Pod 9 got a loan from their rich uncle and went solo with their homebrew Silhouette system. It's pretty okay I guess if you like spreadsheets. It manages to still be simpler than Mekton if you exclude crap like Reaction Mass, which nobody uses. Oh, and now the art has basically an expanded roster of mecha and spaceships, with essentially the same designs The setting is the traditional 23rd century, and strains mightily to be Hard science fiction while still having giant robots punching each other across the Solar System.


Tagline : Although often lost in the shadow of her big brother Heavy Gear , Jovian Chronicles is a great game in its own right. The Silhouette system is every bit as powerful as it ever was, and the setting — a future version of our solar system — intriguing, layered, and literally exploding with potential. Dream Pod 9 has produced and supported three primary games. The first of these, their flagship, is Heavy Gear has been almost universally praised. The second, Tribe 8 , has carved out a place for itself as one of the finest and most original fantasy games in the roleplaying industry.


Jovian Chronicles is a science fiction game setting published by Dream Pod 9 since It introduces a complete universe for role-playing and wargaming space combat featuring mecha , giant spacecraft , and epic space battles. The Jovian Chronicles setting was originally published as a pair of licensed supplements for the Mekton role-playing game; Ianus Publications released two volumes— Jovian Chronicles and Europa Incident— in This first edition is known amongst fans as the "Green Edition" because of the color scheme of its cover design. After Ianus decided to split into two ventures in — Protoculture, which would publish Protoculture Addicts magazine; and Dream Pod 9, which would design and market miniatures and gaming books, [1] : Jovian Chronicles was re-published as a full-fledged game line in by Dream Pod 9, this time using their own in-house rule system. This edition, because of its white cover, is known as the "White Edition", and subsequent supplements are also called this, even though several of the supplemental books feature a dark blue starfield cover.



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