In the scripture, Job went through a nine-month period where everything that could go wrong did. He lost his health, his business and his family. At one point it says, "He sat down among the ashes. I'll never be happy again.

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New Beginnings We all love to see miraculous transformations. Anytime we want to have a change though, especially one that will make our lives better, it requires us to believe that it can happen. We have to make a choice to have hope. It all begins with a choice; the choice to never give up. God always completes in us what He has started; His good work and good plan.

Phillippians I love the story of a man named Ira. His story is the perfect example of what happens when you never give up. By the time he was 12, both of his parents had died.

He and his brothers had no choice but to take care of themselves. So they got jobs working at a ranch. Through hard work and refusing to give up, Ira eventually got married and saved enough to buy a small ranch of his own. He kept dreaming, staying focused and making good decisions. He bought a small grocery store, which turned into a big success.

Not long after this big move, the Great Depression hit with full force and Ira fell behind on his payments. At the last moment, just days before Ira lost everything, massive reservoirs of oil were discovered on his ranch!

Instead of losing everything, Ira received more than enough resources to bless his entire family and many more throughout his area. But what I am saying is that no matter how dark things look, God can turn things around in a single moment. We all just enjoyed the changing of seasons, from winter to spring. Spring symbolizes new birth, a fresh start. No matter how cold and harsh your winter might have seemed, or even been, I want to encourage you to see your new fresh start in God.

This spring, let this truth take root in your heart and mind: In a single moment, God can make all things new for you. It all starts with your mind and attitude. Hope carries you through as you wait for your completing moment. This is the same mighty power that raised Christ from the dead The Bible says that God gives the same power that raised Jesus from the dead to those who believe Him. He triumphed over every force of darkness, disease and destruction.

When you face challenges and tough times, do you focus on the negative and begin to complain about how unfairly you are being treated? When you give in to those thoughts, you stop the transformation process. And it stays on hold until you begin to walk again in obedience and put your complete trust in Him. When you stay positive, full of hope, and do not give up on God, He can take any situation in your life, any circumstance, regardless of the economy or what the world might say, and turn things around in a single moment for your benefit.

The old life is gone; a new life has begun! When you decide to not give up and put your whole trust in Christ, you pave the way for greater things to happen for you, in you and through you! We are all hearing the negative reports about the current economic conditions; I hear them too. God promises us that He is able to meet every need. Keep choosing to stay in hope, believing for God to make things new, in His time. Joel Osteen is pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas — a vibrant and diverse church that Forbes calls the largest and fastest-growing congregation in America.

Joel shares a positive message of hope and encouragement that extends all around the world. This message reaches all across America and nations of the world. Hope For Today. Find A Church. Pray Together. Shouts of Praise. Today's Word. New Beginnings New Beginnings We all love to see miraculous transformations.

Most of us have found ourselves in a place where we were on the edge of loosing something very precious to seemingly everything. I love this story because his life was suddenly transformed. Our Ministry. Joel Osteen. Victoria Osteen. What We Believe. Job Opportunities. Watch Online. Broadcast Listings. Live Services. A Night of Hope Events. Book Signings. Generation Hope Project. My Account. My Shopping Cart. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy. Contact Us. Share Your Story.

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Joel Osteen

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Let Go of the Ashes

Joel Scott Osteen born March 5, [2] is an American pastor , televangelist , and author , based in Houston, Texas. As of , Osteen's televised sermons were seen by approximately 10 million viewers in the US and several million more in over countries weekly. His father, a former Southern Baptist pastor, founded Lakewood Church of which Osteen is the current senior pastor in the back of an old feed store. Osteen's father encouraged him to preach for many years, but he declined, preferring to work behind the scenes until January 17, , when he accepted his father's suggestion and preached his first sermon. John Osteen died six days later of a heart attack. Two weeks after his father's death, Osteen began preaching regularly and later that year was installed as the new senior pastor of Lakewood Church on October 3,

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