Deze werkt zeer leuk, en zeer makkelijk te bouwen en licht in gewicht en goedkoop. De moxon was al leuk, maar dit gaat ook als de brandweer. Ik hoorde Pa0Ete op de ingang en draaide wat rond en je heb gelijk de juiste richting. Daarna een RF verzwakker tussen gezet om wat db-tjes te killen. De CJU antenna voor 70cm word veel gebruikt voor satelliet verbindingen. Het maken van de CJU.

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All of them require skill and knowledge. With this article I will try to do the task of working under portable conditions easier. To be honest, it is possible but you need skill to pick the modulations up the noise, aiming the antenna, changing the frequency and avoiding going mad.

So any help will be welcome. Some years ago the hams imagination who work satellites gave the outcome the Arrow antenna. Both of them are connected to a tiny duplexer. This antenna ready to work is 1. But the original Arrow and what I built have an advantage with side effects. The advantage is that if you take all things apart to be transported it needs little room, so we can put it away in a suitcase to travel by plane or to be sent by mail.

But this advantage turns out to be a drawback when we need to set it up because it takes the same time that a LEO FM satellite pass, over 10 minutes. It makes us lazy to work satellites with this antenna. Taking all these things into account I became to think about how I could build an antenna which fulfil the following requirements:. So I could put it away in little room into the trunk and we could fast set it up. I am sure with these premises you can build several models, but I made myself a question, What kind of antenna could be built with the same gain of a yagui and less boom length?.

Well, the answer is the cubical quad antennas. All of us have read that when a yagui does not have many elements the cubical quads have more gain with the same boom length. But a cubical quad antenna is three-dimensional, so we do not fulfil one of the premises, because the squares could not easily be folded, this way seemed to be very complex mechanically ……More. Read more. Home Antenna IOio Antenna.

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CJU or IOIO Antenna for 70cm

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IOio Antenna

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