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Japan 67 Posts. Web www. GpsPasSion Partners www. Plan et Index Le Glossaire. Laissez un commentaire Suggestions. Soutenez le site! Guide Paypal. GpsPasSion Partners. Club GpsPasSion. GpsPasSion Forums. Save Password. Forgot your Password? Next Page. Page: 1 2 of 2. Hello, i'm trying to chose a data logger for my upcoming trip. The requirements are all the usual.. But MTK seems to have better software.

Unfortunately, it's twice and expensive, and what's worse, isn't available in my country of the shelf. And I don't have much time remaining. We'll be doing lots of driving AND walking, so I need it to manage both.

Welcome to the forums. Indeed don't recall discussing that datalogger so far and I haven't used it myself so can't offer much advice. Make sure to take pictures if you get it.

I think I will get it, since I can't get Qstarz fast enough. Question: do these devices share compatible firmware? Is it possible to flash it for end user? Is AGPS dependant on firmware? I got it. Now trying to find out it's firmware and if its updatable. Also, trying to find where to find AGPS to upload to it. But it doesn't work with other manufacturer devices, checks ID i've tried to disassemble and patch, but didn't succeed.. I seem to be the only one posting here : Anyway: ezTour seems to reset fix time to whatever has been set IN IT so if I set 5s through ezTour, then 2s from bt, and then start ezTour again, it will reset fix time to 5s.

Furthermore it seems to not support 5hz recording. When I enabled 5hz from any utility and capture data, ezTour will fail to download it. Then, if I reset to 1hz, it will ignore whatever has been logged 5hz. Sorry, this comments may come too late as you already purchased an MC.

Both perform equally well in terms of receiver performance. I like MC for following reasons: - it has a lower price tag.

QX status indicators are underneath the top transparent cover which reflects outside light, making them more difficult to be seen, especially when driving. It's connector mini USB located on the rear of the unit which I found that more convenient to be used QX's is on the side. Now this is what I like about QX: - battery life last much longer, thanks to it's smart power management. Hope the info is useful for those yet to make decision. Edited by - beeline on 11 juil.

Edited by - 4river on 10 juin Tks 4river. Hello everybody! This is my first post here, so let me say thanks to this website and community first, since I already spent considerable time here looking up reviews and reports.

However, it was not so easy finding detailed info about the C on the web, maybe one of the posters here I hope they are still around can help me. Is the internal memory really only 2MByte? How many waypoints can it store, I've read both figures The websites that specify I'm a bit confused since other units have 32MB and can store only Of course it depends on the format and the information for each waypoint that is stored, but still Other Holux units support this feature with a propritary cable that has to be purchased extra.

I am not sure about this unit. Thanks for your help! Mr Ecko. Edited by - mistaecko on 20 sept. The Log storage capacity of MC is 2Mbytes. The way point cannot be recorded Only the power switch.

Because the Log data of M and MC outputs the latitude longitude by 4bytes single it, it is low resolution. Thanks for your answer, 4river! I came across this chart before but had forgotten about it, thanks! I also did not notice the logging restrictions of the Holux low resolution, time OR distance. Hm, I'm not sure yet how exactly that effects using the device for geotagging and whether it bothers me personally or not.

I think my confusion about the memory size comes from some sites stating the size in megabites Mb instead of megabytes MB. Got it now! Did you do the mentioned chart on MTK based loggers? I think it's really great! I have Holux MC logger with newest firmware version 1. MTKDlut works ok when changing nmea settings or logging interval, but downloading logged data don't work.

Please take notes of the string of "Rel. Please take out the string just behind the third comma ,. Correspondence part of configuration file. I confirmed it by firmware Ver1. Yes confirmed it here also with Ver1. Thx for help! Jump To: Select Forum News - www. This page was generated in 0,45 seconds.


Holux M-1000C User Manual

Japan 67 Posts. Web www. GpsPasSion Partners www. Plan et Index Le Glossaire. Laissez un commentaire Suggestions. Soutenez le site!


Holux M-1000C - GPS tracking logger Specs

I've installed the latest version of FW available from Holux 1. Currently it is and it always returns to this value after pressing the button. I'm not sure if it was different from the factory. I couldn't find any support on their website and their Support team replied something like "Does it work OK? Why I want to change it? Because I have problems with SE phones and I suspect the address of zeros can be a problem please correct me if I'm wrong. I think that you mean password for pairing this one you have to enter into a prompt when trying to connect to the phone , right?


Holux: Holux M-1000C and M-1200E and Mac OS X

Many people, including me and some of our customers have had problems getting track-logs off of their GPS Loggers, because most manufacturers only provide Windows software for their devices, and usually not even that is very useable. Many years later, nothing has changed. But you need to get the data off the Holux first, and that has been a problem for most Mac users. Am trying to follow the above on OSX Yosenite. I used to have this working under Mavericks, but cannot get it to work with Yosemite. Thanks a lot for your blog. What can be wrong?

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