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These are PostScript files meaning that they contain printer instructions written in the PostScript language. Instead of sending the printer instructions put a blob of black here, there, and there to a physical printer attached to your machine, the instructions are saved to a file.

Note: The details of installing a printer vary slightly from one version of Windows to another. The instructions below are general. For more detail, read the Windows help files, or the manual. You do know where your manual is, right? Note: If the name of a file has a space in it e.

Suggestion: Make life easier on yourself. When you are converting your wordprocessor files into. Even better, name them as numbers. Remember to save it again if you make and subsequent changes. Note that you need to put quotations around a directory name if it has any spaces in it. The ones you just added should appear at the end.

Different versions of DOS work slightly differently. Consult your DOS documentation for full yeah, right details, and contact us if you have any questions. For example: gswin This is the ghostscript console. It will rapidly scroll through a bunch of messages as it processes your files. The window will close of its own accord.

Technical Assistance. Apply Contact Us Give. How Do I? Overview Convert each of your word-processor documents into a PostScript file. Do not set this as the default printer for your system…unless you really want to. Convert your word processor file to PostScript format With your document open in your wordprocessor program, tell the program to print your file.

Please follow the instructions below about putting numbers at the beginning of your file names. Please do not put any spaces in the filename.

There is no need to remove or change this suffix. This file contains instructions for printers written in the PostScript language. In your new working directory, create a new text file.

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How to Convert a File Format From a PRN to PDF Extension

PrintFilePrinter is a utility that watches a specified folder for printer output files and either sends them to a printer or converts them to PDF format. It may be useful for DOS and bit Windows application files that cannot communicate directly with current Windows printers. It may be useful in Windows 10; if so, see the notes below on how to create a print-to-file printer in Windows You may download the PrintFilePrinter installer here. By default, if you use the program's feature that saves a printfile to a PDF, the PDF will be created on the desktop; the installer will ask if you prefer to use a different folder instead. You may also choose an option to run the program when Windows starts up. The program is a compiled AutoIt script, and your antivirus software will probably warn you against using it.


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Being able to view the contents of a PRN file can be advantageous in some situations. Did You Know? Portable document format, or PDF, is mostly known for its read-only configuration, and is supported in all the popular operating systems. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk A PRN file is a special file that contains specific instructions for a printer.


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You will need a postscript printer driver installed on your computer in order to generate a postscript file for Ghostscript. If you have a postscript printer installed on your system, then simply use that printer. If you do not have a postscript printer, you can install the generic one available at Adobe. Follow instructions on the web site or in the printer driver package. As of this writing, the driver is available at www.

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