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Publication No. Downloaded from www. General Information. Routine Maintenance. Optional Equipment. These personnel should have a sound knowledge of workshop practice, safety procedures, and general techniques associated with the maintenance and repair of hydraulic earthmoving equipment. Renewal of oil seals, gaskets, etc. It is expected that components will be cleaned and lubricated where appropriate, and that any opened hose or pipe connections will be blanked to prevent excessive loss of hydraulic fluid and ingress of dirt.

Finally, please remember above al l else. The manual is compiled in sections, the first three are numbered and contain information as follows:. The remaining sections are alphabetically coded and deal with Dismantling, Overhaul etc. The page numbering in each alphabetically coded section is not continuous. This allows for the insertion of new items in later issues of the manual. Section contents, technical data, circuit descriptions, operation descriptions etc.

All sections are listed on the front cover; tabbed divider cards align directly with individual sections on the front cover for rapid reference. Page cross references are generally made by presenting the subject title printed in bold, followed by the title of the section containing the subject. For example:. Note: If only the subject title in bold is given, i. Use the contents list at the beginning of each section to find the exact page number.

Torque figures indicated are for dry threads, hence for lubricated threads may be reduced by one third. Issue 1. Section 1.

Page No. Machine Identification Plate. Unit Identification. Sealing and Retaining Compounds. Service Tools Numerical List. Transporting the Machine. Serial Number Plate. Each machine has a serial number plate located at X. The 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number VIN , and the serial numbers of the engine and transmission are stamped on the plate.

Original VIN Configuration. Later VIN Configuration. The serial number of each major unit is also stamped on the unit itself as shown below. If a major unit is replaced by a new one, the serial number on the plate will be wrong.

Either stamp the new number of the unit on the identification plate, or simply stamp out the old number. This will prevent the wrong unit number being quoted when replacement parts are ordered. Gearbox Assembly assembly of all three gearboxes N.

Speed Gearbox. Front Axle. Rear Axle. Torque Settings. Some external fasteners on Fastrac machines are assembled using an improved type of corrosion resistant finish.

This type of finish is called Dacromet and replaces the original Zinc and Yellow plating used on earlier machines. The two types of fasteners can be readily identified by colour and part number suffix as follows:. Fastener Type Zinc and Yellow Dacromet. Colour Golden finish Mottled silver finish.

Note: As the Dacromet fasteners have a lower torque setting than the Zinc and Yellow fasteners, the torque figures used must be relevant to the type of fasteners. Note: A Dacromet bolt should not be used in conjunction with a Zinc and Yellow plated nut, as this could change the torque characteristics of the torque settings further.

For the same reason, a Dacromet nut should not be used in conjunction with a Zinc and Yellow plated bolt. Note: All bolts used on JCB machines are high tensile and must not be replaced by bolts of a lesser tensile specification.

Note: Dacromet bolts, due to their high corrosion resistance are used areas where rust could occur. Dacromet bolts are only used for external applications. They are not used in application such as gearbox and engine joint seams or internal applications.

Zinc Plated Fasteners golden finish. Use only where no torque setting is specified in the text. Values are for dry threads and may be within three per cent of the figures stated.

Metric Grade 8. Bolt size. Metric Grade Hydraulic Hose to Adapter Connections. BSP Size. Verbus Ripp Bolts. Torque settings for these bolts are determined by the application. Refer to the relevant procedure for the required settings.

Hydraulic Adapter into Component Connections with bonded washers. Dacromet Fasteners mottled silver finish. Dacromet Fasteners mottled silver finish - List of Torque Settings. This list shows Dacromet fasteners that may not be shown in the other sections of the service manual. Dacromet Fasteners mottled silver finish - List of Torque Settings continued.

Gearbox Crossmember. Left Hand Pannier Step. Nm: Tower Casting to Axle. Lower Link Capscrew. Rear Crossmember. Rear Lower Crossmember. Rear Anti-Roll bar mounting bracket. Lower Link Bolt Hex Head. Rockinger Hitch Bolt. JCB Multigasket. A medium strength sealant suitable for all sizes of gasket flanges, and for hydraulic fittings of mm diameter. A high strength locking fluid for use with threaded components.

Gasketing for all sizes of flange where the strength of the joint is important. For all retaining parts which are unlikely to be dismantled. A medium strength locking fluid for sealing and retaining nuts, bolts, and screws up to 50 mm diameter, and for hydraulic fittings up to 25 mm diameter.

JCB Threadlocker. For threads of suction strainer. A medium to high strength locking fluid. JCB Threadseal. Medium strength thread sealant for patch bolts that are re-used. Clayton System Seal SC A thread sealant used mainly on air brake system hose adapters. JCB Activator.

A cleaning primer which speeds the curing rate of anaerobic. For degreasing components prior to use of anaerobic adhesives and sealants. Direct Glazing Kit. For direct glazing.


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