It is simply the best collating and album design software on the planet. Actually we use it for all our design pieces, marketing pieces and. I just got off the phone with Michael Sheasby, the president of Lumapix, who just called to give me the great news. Press releases will go out in a few days, but you did hear it first right here at DigitalProTalk. Here is the great news - we are shipping the MAC version as we speak and we have it bundled with some money saving offers for you at our Digital Resource Center - here is the link right here. Check it out - way cool stuff!!!

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When I was a paper scrapper or at least pretended to be! I loved the light and airy quality it had and how it allowed papers underneath to show through. I was obsessed with it! And now as a digi scrapper, I still love vellum! While it is occasionally contained in kits, most often I just have to make it myself! I loved this kit by Little Lamm Co. The soft colors with pops of brighter tones made me ridiculously happy! And the dark grey paper not seen in the kit preview , with its thick textures, made me swoon!

I knew I wanted it to take center stage on my layout, but I also wanted other papers to adds some interest. After trying a number of different papers, I decided on vellum. It would add some contrast to the page but it would also allow the grey paper to still have maximum impact! As you saw yesterday, I created a fun rainbow-colored photo for one of my layouts.

The space serves as a resting place for the eyes as well as a means to balance a page. Whether it is in decorating my home, putting outfits together, taking photos, or designing layouts, I need space! I need places where my eyes and heart! I dress in mostly solid colors, I have big open spaces on my walls, and the subjects of my photos often only take up a small part of an image. I admire photographers and scrappers and fashionistas!

However, when I scrap, I just need my space. But, I often create my page with everything where I want it, often filling the whole page. At the end, I adjust the size of my papers and elements until I feel like I can breathe. Take this layout, for example. I am trying to be a little less of a simple scrapper, taking advantage of more of the awesome papers and elements in a kit.

I put the layout together, filling almost all of the page. I liked the placement of everything, but as often happens, I knew I needed more space. Then I just grab one of the corners and I shrink the contents of the layout until I feel I have given the page enough room to breathe. Once I am happy, I click the green check mark to confirm the pages, and then I save my layout and breathe easy. Breathing room is just one of those things I will always need — in life and in art.

This was due in part, I am sure, to my decision to not do photo-a-day. But really, it was more than that. Even more, my family has missed it.

They love to look through my albums and even my husband told me he wished I was scrapping more. He has seen the value of saving our memories over the last ten years and it is something he now really values.

So, I have been willing myself out of this rut. I have a lot of digital scrapbooking materials. A lot. And it has been a long time since I have looked through my stash. When I did that along with some much-needed organizing , it was so easy to be inspired. I am such a visual person and seeing all the beautiful kits made be get excited to start scrapping again! Sometimes that is all it takes.

It also helps that I am okay with not-so-great pages. If I focus on the joy of one more memory saved rather than the creativity aspect, it is easier to step into it.

And then often, once I just get going, the creativity starts flowing. After seeing my children go through our albums recently, I picked them up and started looking through them as well. Reading all the stories and seeing old pictures made me so happy that I have chronicled our life through thousands of layouts. As happy as those pages made me, I also felt sad because so many of our recents memories have gone undocumented. That sure lit a fire under me to get scrapping!

Get Inspired from Your Old Archives. There are so many great digital scrapbooking resources. I try to stay current and follow as many blogs as I can, but there are far more articles than I can read in the time I have. Today I thought I would round up a few fun tutorials and articles about our favourite hobby. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Are you a digital hoarder? These tips may be just what you need to help you streamline your supplies. Find this article at The LilyPad blog.

Find this tutorial at the Peppermint Creative blog. Pattern Paper Cut Outs : This clear tutorial takes you through how to cut out digital patterned paper using the magic wand tool. Find this tutorial at the Forever Joy Designs blog. Find this article at the Traci Reed Designs blog.

Find this tutorial at the Captivated Visions blog. This is my first post of and I am so excited to start another year of memory keeping! I like spending time with these cute pictures! I found a sweet picture of my son when he was a baby.

I scrapped the entire page using the black and white image before deciding that I like the colour version better. I started making the page with a neutral background to let the design take centre stage. I love how the paper included some paint along the edges for interest.

I added my journaling and title using the Claire Hand font. By blending the font, it allows the texture of the paper to show though. I also added staples to hold down the ribbon strip. I placed a paper strip, some paint dots and a paper element to the bottom edge of the page to ground the design. I added some red washi tape to add more red to the bottom part of the page which links it to the top part of the design. I tried to use the placement of the red elements to help to establish the flow of the page:.

Take a look at my page that is just below this paragraph. Do you see that thin black line around the central design? It was a time-consuming and messy process. There is a much easier way! It looks fine, I just wanted a little extra emphasis on the page by adding an outline. Draw a box : Create a new layer just above the background paper.

Using the Shape tool, draw a box where you would like the outline to be. Add a stroke and remove the box fill : First, add a stroke around the box. Soften the Outline : Using the blend mode on the layer, I adjusted the Blending Options to soften the line.

Let me know if you have any questions! This week though, I have found myself thinking about December Daily, and thinking about how easy it would be to do on my phone. I did, however, find an app that had everything I wanted for iOS and another one with the same features I was looking for in Android.

Two apps, different platforms, similar features. This folder automatically shows up on my phone. For more information about setting up DropBox on your phone, check out this iPhone tutorial or this Android tutorial.

My plan hope is to create a page a day, as I go, so everything is done and ready to be uploaded for printing on January 1st. Photo Grid is actually available on both iOS and Android.

However, it does not have all of the features I was looking for in the iOS version, only the Android version from what I could see. It is actually a very powerful app on the Android platform and seems really slick to use!

The tutorial below for a different app on iOS, should help give you an idea of the process and workflow using digital supplies. JPG and. PNG format. The first time you tap Dropbox, you will need to login and enable access to your account by the app. I saved the journaling cards and filler cards to Dropbox from my computer; this step cannot be done from the phone unless you download the zip file from the store, on your phone, save it to Dropbox and use another app to unzip…easier just to do that part on your computer, I think.

Tap the folder that contains your filler cards and journaling cards and navigate to the card you want to use:. Adding a photo is the same; you can select photos from any Photo Album on your phone or Dropbox if you have them there. This app also has drop shadows upper right corner , which were surprisingly, really, really good! There are a lot of other options you can play with too.


Fotofusion | Creating Your Own Default Settings

When I was a paper scrapper or at least pretended to be! I loved the light and airy quality it had and how it allowed papers underneath to show through. I was obsessed with it! And now as a digi scrapper, I still love vellum!


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FotoFusion Layout Tutorial. I will show you how to create this page from start to finish:. Create a Digital Scrapbooking file under your documents on your computer. Make sure you have a Zip utility on your computer.


LumaPix FotoFusion V5 Software Review 2012 (Updated 2017)

Currently only one version of the software is offered — the Extreme version version 5. Hi all! I bet some of you were wondering when I was going to get another software review up. Finally I had a bit of time after the flurry of family birthdays in July and August.

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