Chagas disease is a neglected chronic condition that presents high morbidity and mortality burden, with considerable psychological, social, and economic impact. The disease represents a significant public health issue in Brazil, with different regional patterns. This document presents the evidence that resulted in the Brazilian Consensus on Chagas Disease. The objective was to review and standardize strategies for diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and control of Chagas disease in the country, based on the available scientific evidence. The consensus is based on collaboration and contribution of renowned Brazilian experts with vast knowledge and experience on various aspects of the disease.

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I Diretriz brasileira de miocardites e pericardites. Clique para ampliar. Na miocardite induzida por drogas, a resposta de sensibilidade pode variar de horas a meses. Angiotomografia computadorizada. Os pacientes que se encontram na fase aguda de miocardite podem desenvolver tanto taquiarritmias como bradiarritmias.

Miocardite fulminante. Pericardite Constritiva. No pulso venoso jugular observamos colapso "Y" proeminente e sinal de Kussmaul. Marcadores laboratoriais. As pericardites virais podem ser ocasionadas por diversos agentes virais. Pericardite tuberculosa. O uso de esteroides permanece controverso. O manuseio das formas habituais geralmente se dirige para o tratamento habitual da causa subjacente. O achado do M. Pericardite recorrente. Fatal myocarditis: morphologic and clinical features.

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Diagnostic performance of cardiovascular magnetic resonance in patients with suspected acute myocarditis: comparison of different approaches. Contrast media-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging visualizes myocardial changes in the course of viral myocarditis. Delayed gadolinium-enhanced cardiac magnetic resonance in patients with chronic myocarditis presenting with heart failure or recurrent arrhythmias. Cardiovascular magnetic resonance assessment of human myocarditis: a comparison to histology and molecular pathology.

Presentation, patterns of myocardial damage, and clinical course of viral myocarditis. Long-term follow-up of biopsy-proven viral myocarditis predictors of mortality and incomplete recovery.






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