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The Michigan National Guard Sexual Harassment Assault Response Prevention office is the single point of contact for coordinating appropriate and responsive care for sexual assault and domestic violence victims. This office coordinates reported sexual assault victim care and domestic violence referrals for care. Our responsibility is three-fold:. Martin Luther King Blvd. Lansing, MI Office: Cell:

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The West Virginia National Guard is a professional organization that will not tolerate sexual assault in any capacity. The West Virginia National Guard has zero tolerance for such behavior and believes firmly in ridding our ranks of those who commit these acts.

The Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Program is in place to meet that first action, provide the best assistance possible to Survivors of sexual assault. We offer assistance in areas such as:. Coordination of medical and mental health care. Coordination of legal services. Connection with local community resources. Restricted reporting allows a Soldier who is a sexual assault victim, on a confidential basis, to disclose the details of their assault to specifically identified individuals and receive medical treatment and counseling, without triggering the official investigative process.

Soldiers who are sexually assaulted and desire restricted reporting under this policy should report the assault to the SARC, VA, chaplain, or a healthcare provider. Details regarding the incident will be limited to only those personnel who have a legitimate need to know.

See appendix H for a detailed explanation of restricted and unrestricted reporting. As a Survivor you have the option to make no report at all. Be aware that talking to others about a sexual assault may result in a third-party report which requires the command team to initiate an independent investigation.

A report unrestricted or restricted is initiated by the signing of a DD Form DoD law enforcement and legal personnel directly engaged in the detection, investigation or prosecution of crimes are responsible for ensuring that victims of military-related crime are accorded the following rights:.

The right to be treated with fairness and respect for your dignity and privacy;. The right to be reasonably protected from the accused offender;. The right to reasonable, accurate, and timely notice of public preliminary hearings, pretrial confinement hearings, court proceedings, and clemency and parole hearings related to the offense;.

The right to be present at all public proceedings related to the offense un-less the hearing officer or military judge determines that your testimony would be materially altered if you as the victim heard other testimony;. The right to receive available restitution;. The right to be reasonably heard at: 1 a public hearing concerning the continuation of any pretrial confinement of the accused; 2 a sentencing hearing related to the offense; 3 a public Military Department Clemency and Parole Board hearing related to the offense;.

The right to submit a written statement for the consideration of the Convening Authority prior to taking action on findings and sentence;. The right to proceedings free from unreasonable delay;. The right to be provided information, if applicable, about the conviction, sentencing, imprisonment, Convening Authority's action, appellate re-view, and release of the offender. Additionally, court-martial convening authorities, as well as clemency and pa-role boards, are directed to consider making restitution to the victim a condition of pretrial agreements, sentence reduction, clemency and parole.

They may consider victim statements on the impact of crime when reviewing a case. Reprisal occurs when a responsible management official takes or threatens to take an adverse personnel action against an individual, or withholds a favorable personnel action, because that individual made or was thought to have made a protected communication.

To claim reprisal, all of the following conditions must be met in chronological order e. Did you make a communication which is protected? A communication which is protected is made to someone designated by law, rule or regulation to receive the information. For appropriated fund civilians, protected communications additionally includes disclosures to the Office of Special Counsel, or other entities designated to receive such disclosures of information reasonably believed by the employee to evidence a violation of law, rule or regulation; gross mismanagement; gross waste of funds; abuse of authority; or a substantial and specific danger to public health or safety See 5 U.

For non-appropriated fund NAF employees, the protected communication further includes disclosures to any civilian employee or member of the Armed Forces designated by law or by the Secretary of Defense to receive such disclosures See 10 U. For an employee of a Defense contractor, the protected communication further includes disclosures to the Government Accountability Office GAO , a DoD employee responsible for contract oversight or management, an authorized official of an agency, or the Department of Justice See 10 U.

Note: Disclosures to contractor officials are not protected under the statute. Be prepared to explain why and how any responsible official knew of the protected communication before taking any personnel actions against you? Was there an actual adverse or unfavorable personnel action taken or threatened, or was a positive personnel action withheld? These include unfavorable personnel security decisions e.

Have documentation for each personnel action available to submit, if available. You are encouraged to read the applicable definitions and filing requirements specific to your employee status for more details. If your circumstances meet all three basic criteria, then click on the Request Assistance tab to view details on how to submit a reprisal complaint.

The checklist may be expanded to meet Military Service-specific requirements and procedures. These checklist items do not represent all of the responsibilities assigned to commanders for the entire Sexual Assault Prevention and Response SAPR program. Be aware that Survivors of sexual assault have 3 different reporting options; Unrestricted report, Restricted report, or No report. Your role in the process as a commander is greatly impacted by the reporting option the Survivor chooses.

If you become aware of a sexual assault, as a commander, you are obligated to do something with that information. An independent investigation is not initiated by the Survivor.

Under no circumstances is a Command Inquiry or investigation done in the event of a sexual assault. Notify Local Law Enforcement. If the Survivor desires contact the Chaplain. Interested personnel must be volunteers and recommended by their commander as well as complete the following documents:.

Lack of secret or higher security clearance. Up for ETS within days. History of domestic violence or sexual assault conviction. Additionally a DD will need to be completed and submitted every two years. The West Virginia National Guard Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program is a part of the Department of Defense-wide initiative to end sexual assault in the military, and encourage Service Members to protect and defend one another against unwanted sexual contact. The West Virginia National Guard is committed to eliminating incidents of sexual assault by instituting a comprehensive policy that focuses on increasing awareness through prevention and education, victim centered support, intimidation free reporting, thorough investigation, and accountability for those who commit sexual crimes.

Sexual assault is the most under-reported crime in our society and in the Military. DoD believes its first priority is to protect the victims; treat them with dignity and respect; and to provide them with the medical treatment, legal assistance, victim assistance, care, and counseling that they deserve. Under DoD's Confidentiality Policy, sexual assault victims are offered two reporting options: restricted reporting and unrestricted reporting. While the Department of Defense DoD prefers unrestricted reporting of sexual assaults to activate law enforcement actions, it recognizes that some victims desire only medical, legal, advocate, and support services and no command or law enforcement involvement.

DD Form DA Form SAPR VAs will be required to pass the same screening that was required with their initial application.

Any training that relates to victim advocacy is acceptable for CEUs. Note: You must obtain a certificate for the trainings you complete. For courses that do not specify the amount of CEUs they are worth you must obtain an agenda , a short synopsis of the course provided by the institution or instructor , and the length time of the course.

Generally for every hour you are learning you earn 1 CEU. For in-person courses the lunch break is not counted toward the time learning. This organization also offers some in-person training, however there are no future dates available for the in-person training for at this time.

These courses range from 4 to 20 CEUs depending on the course. The Instructions page will guide you on how to register for a free account and how to print out a completion certificate after you have completed a course.

Gonzalez, 20 CEUs. Skip to main content Press Enter. Reporting Sexual Assault. Information for Survivors and Battle Buddies. Sexual Assault Survivor? Start Here. We offer assistance in areas such as: Victim Advocacy Coordination of medical and mental health care Coordination of legal services Connection with local community resources. Restricted Report Restricted reporting allows a Soldier who is a sexual assault victim, on a confidential basis, to disclose the details of their assault to specifically identified individuals and receive medical treatment and counseling, without triggering the official investigative process.

Commnader Resources. If a report of sexual assault is received…. The NG SARC will not provide input on an independent investigation, but may assist with the preparation of the report. The immediate commander will submit the incident report to the chain of command within eight days of the triggering event.

Victim Advocate Requirements. Victim Advocate Resources. DoDI Useful Links. DOD Safe Helpline. National Sexual Assault Conference Anaheim, CA. Colorado Advocacy in Action Conference. Vail, CO. Jacksonville, FL. San Diego, CA. Lexington, KY. Orlando, FL.


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