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Geek Girls Carrots is a global grassroots organisation focused on women in tech and female entrepreneurs. We gather to inspire, learn from each other, share knowledge. We believe that girls in new technologies are the avant-garde of innovation. Find out what we do, where and when you can join and start coding!

We love inspiring stories, strong female role models and brave career choices. We believe that network is the key, so we focus on connecting people through networking sessions at the end of each meetup.

We bring tech females together and organise programming workshops. Every workshop has a different level and form. Our participants are both men and women. We are eager to raise a public debate about the role of women in new technologies and encourage girls to overcome the stereotypes.

Statute in Polish. Financial report in Polish. Activity report in Polish. Who we are Geek Girls Carrots is a global grassroots organisation focused on women in tech and female entrepreneurs.

Through meetups and workshops we encourage girls to inspire and support one another. Geek Girls Carrots were born in Poland in , now we operate all over the world!

Get to know our amazing team willing to inspire new female entrepreneurs Join them! We bring together female admins, analysts, application architects, developers, graphic designers, IT managers, programmers, social media specialists, system architects, project managers, women with startup ideas, computer science students and many more.

If Geek Girls Carrots are not present in your city, you can become an organiser in order to inspire girls in your region! We organise tech workshops We bring tech females together and organise programming workshops. Organisation was founded by Kamila Sidor. Kamila is a social entrepreneur and a co-founder of Geek Girls Carrots. She is a founder of the school of public speaking called Speaking Carrots. She is also an angel investor in tech startups. Department of State.

How it all started. Kamila participates in a startup weekend and notices that from participants only 2 are women. First Meet-up in Warsaw.

The first meet-up for women attracted to new technologies in order to create a network and inspire each other. First city that joined the organisation. Carrots start growing! Visit our local FB page. First event organised with big, corporate partner. Our first event with an important corporate partner: Facebook. We have learned a valuable lesson about employer branding strategies. Managing team A humanist who has been working in digital marketing for over a decade.

For 8 years - meaning virtually "since always" - associated with Geek Girl Carrots. Organizer of conferences, meet-ups and near-technological events i. Kasia Stempniak. Agata is responsible for the communication strategy of Geek Girls Carrots brand. Her recent projects include guide to ethical data management for Stanford's Digital Impact and joint research with IBM on human behaviors in contacts with automated health services.

She's been working in international communication of tech brands for the past eight years. In her free time she learns to play golf and supports Polish Ladies Golf Association. Agata Piekut.

Adelina is responsible for budgeting and realisations of projects. She came a long way from studying history of art, working in the travel industry to working for marketing agencies and IT startups. She was very surprised to discover that excel sheet and google analytics can be so interesting. Always interested in meeting new people and knowing their ideas, new technologies, constant seeker of improvements and optimisation at work.

In her free time she loves to visit museums or look for street art pieces of art. Adelina Frydel. Board team Kamila is a social entrepreneur and a co-founder of Geek Girls Carrots.

Kamila Sidor. I am passionate about helping NGOs to be financially independent and therefore fulfil their dreams. I build with them long terms fundraising strategies and help them in their implementation. I also enjoy to work with top NGO managers on their managerial challenges and love to support them in organizational and personal transformation. Sylwia Kobayashi. A marketing professional who fell in love with a Polish apple.

She supports numerous activities in the area of sport, young leaders and the nonprofit sector. Currently also strategic advisor in College of Europe in Natolin. Monika Bierwagen. Local team Choose city.

Net Developer at the beginning of her career. Loves everything related to new technologies, space, and robots she study how to create them in free time.

Oliwia Matusik. Passionate about programming and learning new things. Currently, she is working as a Front-end Developer. She is passionate about cloud computing, learning new things and meeting new people. With Carrots she wants to help other women make the first steps in IT industry.

Magda Komorowska. Currently, she is living in Sydney and is in the process of a career change towards IT, so she started learning Python as the first step. Almost every app or website breaks when she uses it, and she wants to get to the bottom of it. Aneta Paryl. For six years Iza worked in an Institution of Culture where she coordinated and organized cultural events.

Currently, she studies computer science and works as a front-end developer. In her free time, she goes to the gym, reads books and dreams about traveling around the world. She loves science and new technologies, believes in girls' power and appreciates the beauty of nature. Izabela Kamela. Recently she has made her first steps as a User Experience Designer. Before that she was gaining experience in event management and as an English teacher. She enjoys constantly learning new things, Italian cuisine, and concerts.

Happy to join Carrots, so she can encourage other women to become a part of the IT world. Klaudia is passionate about ways how Data Science techniques can impact on business strategies in various industries.

She loves working with technologies, because of endless opportunities. In her freetime she is blogging, running, travelling and preparing for triathlons. Klaudia Magda. Magdalena Ruta. Enthusiast of Java, currently tries to learn Python all by herself. Extremely focused, hopelessly stubborn and keen on Italian culture. Monika Osiak. After six years of teaching English, Magda has decided to start fresh, and would like to take her first steps in the universe of programming.

In her free time she enjoys doing yoga, reading books, wearing colourful socks and petting small dogs. Magdalena Fronczyk. I've graduated from Architecture at the University of Technology in Wroclaw and I work as a wayfinding strategist and industrial designer in Melbourne.

I believe that anything is possible - it all depends how much you really want it and how hard you are willing to work. Paulina is a highly motivated and hardworking individual, who recently became an engineer. She loves new technologies and learning new things. Her biggest passion is volleyball and art. Cat and coffee lover.





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