While holidaying in Mexico, I was accosted by Diablo and shot, because the motherfucker mistook me for a spy. I survived, only to encounter him again months later. He could shoot me — I no longer cared. But, to my surprise, the fucker became fascinated with me and blackmailed me into becoming his woman. He was Kong, hairy, tattooed from fingertips to face, with scary ass piercings, blood-shot snake eyes, a ruthless killer and above all, he was my murderer — how could anyone expect me to say yes?

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Awesome book! But be assured, once you pick up an Eve Rabi book, you can forget about sleep. Kids, house work, all work, life in general has basically come to a standstill whilst I indulge in your books.

Become her if possible. Please direct all hate mail and death threats to everabi hotmail. Also, feel free to stalk Eve online:. Below are the links to these free contemporary romance books, romantic crime thrillers and modern love stories by Eve Rabi. Genres and keywords: Romance contemporary, romance suspense, romantic thrillers, romance mystery, books in kindle, romance with strong alpha males, romantic comedy, romance humor, romance humour, contemporary romance legal action, books by Eve Rabi, free fiction, fiction romance, multiracial and interracial romance, romance, multiracial and interracial, kindle books romance, books for sale, Australian authors, dark conspiracy, romantic suspense, romantic crime, jealousy, crazy, girl, modern crime, contemporary romance, revenge, revenge stories, retribution, obsession, captured, other woman, cheating, family disruption, home wrecker, mature, adult, free, kindle, amazon, kindle unlimited.

Trying to find out if book 4 in Gringa series ending was changed? I hope so. Could youplease clarify? Sorry unable to email, no idea why. I receive emails but cant send, cant wait for new Gringa 4, msorrell aol. Hey Shai, so sorry to make you bawl. I will email you directly and try to chase away your tears.

Hey Shai, my email to you bounced. Can u email me everabi hotmail. Cheers Eve. Hey Eve, Tina and myself have nominated you for the Leibster Award. Hi Eve. I have just finished reading the Burn series and I loved it I was laughing one minute and crying the next. I was so distraught when Trojan died. Keep up the good work! Hi Stacy, so glad you enjoyed Burn. I had so much fun writing it. Make sure you get it. I had never heard of Eva.

Hi Kylie, glad you enjoyed the book. Friend me on Facebook and follow my blog. I loved the story. This book is on my list of favorites.

Loved the chemistry between Tarago and Tanin. Thanks for the great read. Hi Cee, dont think so but if there is one, I will gift it to you okay? Have you read Gringa? Cee keep in touch with me and remind me of my promise to you as I tend to forget :. I just read and reviewed You Will Pay and I loved it! So much happens in this story. I mean loadsssss.. Defo recommend this book, you will love! Hey Caroline, lovely to hear from you. Really happy to hear that you like You Will Pay.

Spin offs are baking nicely. Just got finished reading you will pay. It was a good story and well written. Did not want to put it down. Just read You Will Pay I loved it, it was sad in parts and happy too.

I read in one sitting it was tremendous cant wait for spinoffs. Just finished You will pay. Definitely on my reading list. All hail Eve. I loved Bear and Arena. The book deserves more than 5 stars. It will be on my keeper shelf. I left appropriate feedback on Amazon. Thanks so much for a great book. Just finished You Will Pay! I loved it! I left feedback on Amazon and I look forward to the sequel. Just finished reading you will pay for leaving me! What a fantastic read Couldnt put it down!

Hope there is a book 2 to this cant see Tom leaving it at that? Hi Kim, thanks for the feedback. Glad you enjoyed it. Yep, Tom wants to have the last word for sure. I just left my review ion ama,on a and goodread. I am also going t o read one of your other series. Friend me on Facebook to keep up.

Friend me on Facebook to keep up to date. So now I am quickly getting through your books, have read obsessed with me, Burns world, my brother my rival, I have just finished Gringo and am about to start betrayed. Your books just draw me in from the start and have now got my Mum into your books too. Just wanted to say thanks and keep writing great books with great characters Please. I love your books and receive your newsletter.

I enjoyed it so much. I just love your Gringa Books I read already. Keep doing your thing you are a very talented writer, and your books have been having me captivated. Or Any other tid bit of related material. I loved these guys. You made me cry sisterfreak! Hi Jaie, Thank you so much for your kind words! Sorry it has taken so long for me to get back to you! Please send me an email everabi hotmail. I love the gringa series I am so in love with Diego and Payton I would really love to read the original ending.

I have read the Gringa Series and loved it, but I am curious about the original ending …. Is it still available? So glad you enjoyed Gringa, if you send me an email I can gift you the voucher for the original ending, send me an email to everabi hotmail.

Are you able to access smashwords? I was woundering if you are working on any new books as I do not want to finish all you books without the hope of another. I think you are an amazing writer. It never takes me more than a few days to read one of your books. You truly made me love reading again. Hi Sinead What a lovely name. You made my night. Three books in Nov and Jan and another book late Follow my blog and friend me on Facebook for updates.

Really looking forward to reading more on the characters. Hi eve, Ive read all your books and love them all. I was wondering why betrayed was such a short story, Red and Kat were such great characters and I would liked to read more about them.

Is there any chance they will turn up in any of your new books.


Gringa: Taming the Beast

Awesome book! But be assured, once you pick up an Eve Rabi book, you can forget about sleep. Kids, house work, all work, life in general has basically come to a standstill whilst I indulge in your books. Become her if possible. Please direct all hate mail and death threats to everabi hotmail.


GRINGA - In the Clutches of a Ruthless Drug-Lord

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