While the effort to respond to the immediate needs of the aviation community must be maintained relentlessly, EUROCAE also needs to keep an eye on the longer-term horizon to ensure that it will continue to serve the interests of its Members in a more distant future. The aviation world stands once again at a crossroad and on the threshold of a new strategic era where disruption, Artificial Intelligence, agility, digitisation, digitalisation, Blockchain, Big Data will constitute the pillars of the landscape to come. Further, the pace of change is definitely accelerating if one is to consider only the short lapse of time it took for digital towers to evolve from exploratory trials to mainstream thinking. The central challenge underlying the next aviation strategy will be about how the aviation industry can adapt to an ever faster evolving air transportation world. That prestigious event brought together some of the most influencing leaders in the aviation world to discuss strategic considerations that will determine the development of the future European aviation landscape.

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The buyer is publishing the contract documentation to meet the government transparency commitments. This team develops radio waveforms to meet interoperability needs, in particular the interaction between COMSEC devices and the radio waveforms are the main focus of development. The core task covers the preparation for, attendance at and completion of reports and after actions for the two regular meetings of the LOS CaT with the majority of the meetings being held outside the UK, in either Europe or North America.

These meetings are generally of 4 days duration. The technical support provided must be independent of the radio manufacturing industry. The technical expert is required to be a UK National and possess the following: a. When responding to this advert any interested parties are requested to provide details of their proposed technical expert and evidence that they comply with the above stated requirements. The Contracts Finder Archive site is currently a beta site.

If you notice any issues please contact us. Warning: This is archived data that is no longer being updated. The contracting authority considers that this contract may be suitable for economic operators that are small or medium enterprises SMEs. However, any selection of tenderers will be based solely on the criteria set out for the procurement,and the contract will be awarded on the basis of the most economically advantageous tender.


GB-Bristol: NATO Line Of Sight Capability Team Support for APS PT

Trig is becoming the standard by which modern aviation radios are judged. These are perfect feature rich, pilot friendly radios for GA pilots not requiring 8. These radios have no cooling fans which means they can be easier and cheaper to accommodate in an old stack. This feature ensures the fastest tuning and transition between, 25kHz and 50kHz. Pilots can course tune in 50kHz and then fine tune in 25kHz. On the TY96A and TY97A frequencies and identifiers are shown, with a flip flop button to make a standby frequency active. The dual watch feature allows monitoring of two frequencies and an Emergency button makes selection of


Organisation européenne pour l'équipement de l'aviation civile


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