Emanuele Iula, Periferie. Descrizione Il tema delle periferie urbane continua a rappresentare uno scoglio sociale su cui si infrangono numerose politiche pubbliche. In short What is a periphery? How was it born? How does it work? And how to regenerate those who live daily in those places of exclusion?

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As a result of Covid, people around the world have been tied to their homes for months. As a result, the private sphere has taken on a new meaning: one that resonates with the concept of 'etotopopia'. Eterotopia '. In the exhibition, Gucci explores the theme by linking the work of independent and alternative art spaces in Seoul to the concept of 'heterotopia', developed by the French philosopher Michel Foucault to describe the physical location of a utopia.

Based on this, the exhibition presents a new definition of the 'alternative space' as a place where a utopian future is being built: a future in which people interact with each other and their environment in a different, more desirable way. The exhibition provides food for thought about being together and being different. The exhibition is curated by the Tunisian-French curator and art critic Myriam Ben Salah, who is also editor-in-chief of Kaleidoscope magazine.

Many local and international artists participate in the exhibition. A virtual version of the exhibition also exists. This is accessible free of charge via the website of the exhibition. Both the physical and the virtual exhibition will run until July 12, Home Culture No Space, Julia Garel Monday, May 11 Latest jobs.


Heterotopia (space)

Heterotopias are worlds within worlds, mirroring and yet upsetting what is outside. Foucault provides examples: ships, cemeteries, bars, brothels, prisons, gardens of antiquity, fairs, Muslims baths and many more. Foucault outlines the notion of heterotopia on three occasions between A talk given to a group of architects is the most well-known explanation of the term. His first mention of the concept is in his preface to 'The Order of Things' and refers to texts rather than socio-cultural spaces. Heterotopia follows the template established by the notions of utopia and dystopia.




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