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Download instructor resources. Additional order info. This comprehensive introduction to electronic communications explores the fundamental concepts — and their state-of-the-art application in radio, telephone, facsimile, television, satellite, and fiber optic communications. It features an explanatory as well as descriptive approach, avoids lengthy mathematical derivations, and introduces the use of Mathcad for problem solving in selected areas. Passive Circuits. Attenuator Pads.

Series Tuned Circuit. Tuned Circuit. Self Capacitance of a Coil. Skin Effect. Mutual Inductance. High Frequency Transformers. Tapped Inductor. Capacitive Tap. Maximum Power Transfer and Impedance Matching. Low Frequency Transformers. Passive Filters. Sinusoidal Waveforms. General Periodic Waveforms.

Trigonometric Fourier Series for a Periodic Waveform. Fourier Coefficients. Spectrum for the Trigonometric Fourier Series. Rectangular Waves. Sawtooth Waveform. Pulse Train. Some General Properties of Periodic Waveforms. Exponential Fourier Series. Approximate Formulae for the Fourier Coefficients. Energy Signals and Fourier Transforms.

Fast Fourier Transform. Inverse Fast Fourier Transform. Filtering of Signals. Power Signals. Bandwidth Requirements for Analog Information Signals. Symbols, Binits, Bits, and Bauds. Functional Notation for Pulses. Line Codes and Waveforms. M-ary Encoding. InterSymbol Interference. Pulse Shaping. Thermal Noise. Shot Noise. Partition Noise.

Low Frequency or Flicker Noise. Burst Noise. Avalanche Noise. Bipolar Transistor Noise. Field Effect Transistor Noise. Signal-to-Noise Ratio. Noise Factor. Amplifier Input Noise in Terms of F.

Noise Factor of Amplifiers in Cascade. Noise Factor of a Lossy Network. Noise Temperature. Measurement of Noise Temperature and Noise Factor. Narrowband Band-pass Noise.

Common Emitter CE Amplifier. Stability and Neutralization. Common-Base Amplifier. Available Power Gain. Cascode Amplifier. Mixer Circuits. Active Filters. Amplification and Positive Feedback. RC Phase Shift Oscillators. LC Oscillators. Crystal Oscillators. Voltage-Controlled Oscillators.

Frequency Synthesizers. Superheterodyne Receivers. Tuning Range. Sensitivity and Gain. Image Rejection. Spurious Responses. Adjacent Channel Selectivity. Double Conversion. Electronically Tuned Receivers. Amplitude Modulation. Amplitude Modulation Index. Modulation Index for Sinusoidal AM.

Frequency Spectrum for Sinusoidal AM. Average Power for Sinusoidal AM. Nonsinusoidal Modulation. Amplitude Modulator Circuits. Amplitude Demodulator Circuits. Amplitude Modulated Transmitters. AM Receivers. Noise in AM Systems. Single-sideband Principles. Balanced Modulators.

SSB Generation. SSB Reception. Modified SSB Systems. Companded Single Sideband. Frequency Modulation. Sinusoidal FM.

Frequency Spectrum for Sinusoidal FM. Average Power in Sinusoidal FM. Non-Sinusoidal Modulation: Deviation Ratio.


Electronic Communications



Electronic Communications, 4th Edition


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