However, the ECL82 was used almost exclusively as AF pre- and output amp, although the triode section is greatly oversized for this application. Operating on higher voltages is also possible, however, a screen grid resistor is then required, which deteriorates the operating characteristics. Antique radios, Old Time Radios. Quantity of Models at Radiomuseum. Collection of Jacob Roschy D.

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I have been building small amplifiers for a while, and I'm interested in other people's opinons of the difference in sound between the 6BM8 and the EL I have several single ended and PP 6bm8 and EL84 amps.

They all sound decent. Of the 6bm8 amps, I have two motorolas. The other was also 3 channels.. The bass channels were pretty much useless to me in both amps, so I removed them and removed the high pass caps in each and replaced them with.

Of the EL84 amps, I have two zenith single ended amps. One of those was another 3 channel which I have posted about before.. It derived the bass channel from the two single ended outputs Of all these amps, the motorola SE amp after I removed the bass channel sounds the best.

Does this make sense? Of all the amps, it has the smallest lowest quality looking output trannies, no NFB, and it has outstanding response with just about any speakers and it's loud. My real question here, is how do these two tubes compare? Are the specs similar? I'm very curious about this. These were all integrated amplifiers, and I think I am going to build new chassis for each of them this winter and turn them into regular power amplifiers, becuase I have some pretty nice preamps.

Hi, Quote:. Find More Posts by Tubes4e4. I have used the ECL82 in a few projects. I also had a Leak Stereo 20 which used the EL My experience of the Leak was that it has a very rich smooth sound, which I understand is common to most EL84 amps. I have made a headphone amp using the ECL82 and also have used it to drive interstage transformers. I found that it is tremendously detailed, but a little zingy and bright.

In the end I had to introduce a small amount of loop feedback into both to tame the top end. I suspect that its the triode stage of the ECL82 which is the real weak link, but I have no way of been certain. If building from scratch I would guess that a better result could be achieved with the EL ECL82 need handling with care. Hi Shoog, Quote:. I think if you look at what the ECL82 was designed for it will be no surprise that its performance is a little compromised.

Ultra cheap output transformers which probably benefitted from a bit of brightness in the output stage. The triode in the 6BM8 strongly resembles the triodes in a 12AT7. I don't get-on with the triode in the ECL I find the gain too low. Anyone else tried sim? Shoog, You're mixing mu and gm up. Depending on operating conditions, the mu of the 'T7 has been quoted as 60 and The mu of the 6SL7 is quoted at The 6BM8's triode also has a mu of The gm of the 6SL7 is quoted at 1.

The gm of the 6BM8's triode is quoted at 2. The difference is significant. Your point about curves is valid. Splitting the difference seems reasonable. BB code is On. Smilies are On. Forum Rules. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. Resources saved on this page: MySQL User Name.

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