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Eon Troubleshooting Guide E. Walbert Secondary circuits. Start by doing a thorough visual examination of the assembly for any sign of damage. This will help guide you to the trouble area. It should measure over 2K and rising as it charges up the capacitors.

If this reads near 0 ohms then you will need to remove the PWA from the heatsink and check for a silpad short. If this reads near 0 ohms then you will need to remove the PWA from the heatsink and check for a silpad short or a short between U and the heatsink. If this reads near 0 ohms, then check Q, Q, Q and Q for shorts, and replace the damaged parts.

If two of these MOSFETs are shorted then replacing them is all you will need to do to the amplifier section but you will need to check the power supply for damage. If the voltage is low on any of these and there is not excessive current draw, then replace the regulator.

This will allow the amplifier to start switching. Verify the switching waveforms at Q Drain pin and Q Drain pin are square and stable. Primary circuits. Using an ohm-meter check Q and Q for shorts. If these devices are shorted then check R and R which should read 10ohms.

Next check Q, Q, Q, Q for shorts and opens. If any of these are damaged then you will most likely need to replace the following parts along with the ones already identified. Verify that the signal at Q Gate is a square wave at approximately KHz. Verify that the signal at Q collector is a V peak to peak square wave. The current draw should be less than 70ma. Remove the supply, check the AC fuse and verify proper operation when plugged into the AC line.

Initial Field Failure Reports To date early field failures have been observed in the 3 categories listed below. Included in each category are typical warning signs indicative of each as well as corrective actions implemented. Shorted devices due to metal shaving contamination. Single shorted output device with no other failures. Look for metal shavings in the silpad insulator.

Vtech has added an additional cleaning stage to remove these from the heatsink. Low IGBT gate drive at start up. Typically a catastrophic failure with extensive power supply gate drive damage R,Q,U,U,U These can be accessed topside by probing T Pin 6 highlighted in pink and R Pin 2 highlighted in white. In some cases a stuck relay can be "unstuck" by getting knocked about in shipping and will measure ok. It is also worth noting that the bulk caps C and C can be damaged due to overvoltage stress if powered on at V with a stuck relay.

In this case the unit will power up successfully but will not work when driving a load. Replacing C and C will remedy this. NOTES: 1. Box , Northridge, California U.

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e515 pwa sch eon jbl 500 series



E515 PWA Sch Eon Jbl 500 Series


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