Manual zz. W, After you finish reading this manual, store it in a safe place for future reference. The program backs the development and dissemination of products with functions that effectively reduce energy consumption. It is an open system in which business proprietors can participate voluntarily. The targeted products are office equipment such as computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, copiers and scanners.

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Quick Links. Table of Contents. Use of this manual should be strictly supervised to avoid disclosure confidential information Page 3 This is one way of fostering response for ensuring prolonged quality and function, and for investigating the cause of trouble during troubleshooting.

Page 6 III. Other company names and product names mentioned in this manual are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies. The detailed conditions including JPEG value are omitted for grayscale and color, and may differ depending on function settings, the personal computer used, and other conditions. The color function is available only with the DRC.

Table b 4. Page Other Functions Stored in the memory The mechanical counter is option. Operation panel 5 buttons; Display LED: 5 digits Table These specifications are subject to change with improvements to the product. Page 17 Note: Do not block the air vent, otherwise the temperature will rise inside the machine and a fire might result. Page V. Explanation Of Operation Execute the operation.

Finish the operation. Quit the application software. Turn the personal computer OFF. Turn the machine OFF. Page Power Cord A cotton-tipped swab is also acceptable. Be careful not to wipe or touch the electrical contact Feed roller part when wiping the ink.

Page Vi. Power Supply IX. Page 26 Controls the feed system and image processor. Page 27 Registration clutch signal Upper registration roller Lower registration roller Upper reading roller Lower reading roller Front platen roller Back platen roller Feeder drive roller Fig. Page 29 Note 2: If there is a difference in the timing marked , it indicates the occurrence of skewing. Page 30 Thus, the document feeding can maintain specific intervals for high speed, medium speed, and slow speed feeding.

Page 32 Fig. Refer to Fig. Page 34 Shading solenoid drive PCB of the reading unit. Upper side Upper Back platen shading plate roller Back reading unit Fig. Page 36 Front reading unit Front platen roller Back reading unit Upper reading roller Document tray Lower reading roller Ultrasonic receiving sensor Back platen roller Ultrasonic transmitting sensor Fig. Page 39 At the same time, the raising of the document tray is stopped.

After that, the pick-up motor and feed motor are started simultaneously to feed the document. Page 40 Manual Feed is selected on the computer, the driving of the feed roller is turned OFF and the retard roller begins to rotate forward direction, invalidating separation function. Page 41 Document curl must be 3 mm or less in height and the documents cannot be creased.

It is possible to change the level of detection accuracy with the user mode. Page 42 Turns document run into the registration roller so that Document this way the skew is corrected. Page 43 50 mm, the double feed may not be detected. Feed direction Ultrasonic transmitting Fig. Page 46 Image processor 2 handles brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, and gamma correction. Page 52 dpi, and when dpi or less is selected, it is converted from dpi.

Page 57 In this case, the brightness and contrast adjustments become invalid. White Black White Before conversion Fig. Page 58 B of the conversion table. Page 61 Fig. Digital signal output Without error diffusion processing With error diffusion processing Fig. The main types of image processing are described below. For others, refer to the driver software "Help".

Slice level Black White Brightness level Fig. Page Power Supply 3. Page 70 In the center, within 26mm of either side Note: The area size indicates the size of the date area. Page 71 5 years of use or 6 million sheets scanned, whichever product comes first. Note: Guide for the time to replace the ink roller is 0. The barcode module can be installed by the user. Page 75 Shading solenoid Upper Activating the shading plate of the back reading side unit. Shading solenoid Lower Activating the shading plate of the front reading side unit.

Page 76 Reading the back side of documents. Page Iii. Upper unit Screw Fig. Page Left Cover , and then detach the front side while lifting it upward. IP cover Screw Upper delivery cover assembly Fig. Page Document Guide Lift the document tray assembly , release the connector , and detach the document tray assembly and document tray extension Document tray assembly Connector Document tray extension Fig. Document tray driving unit Connector Document guide Fig.

Page Upper Unit Note: Be careful not to drop the parallel pin. Screw Lower front cover Fig. Page 92 Note: Detach the upper unit while holding it to prevent it from falling. Cable Clamp Connector Fig. However, the fixing should not be tightened too much.

Screw Belt Main motor assembly Fig. Page 95 Screw Screw Gear unit Fig. Page 96 "Document tray front cover". Page 98 Lower entry guide plate cover up if the one-way pulley is installed Screw backwards when replacing the feed motor Lower entry guide plate belt. Page Install the projections in the matching holes and insert the arm into the hooks until it clicks.

Screw Retard motor Fig. Page Fig. Page , and detach the solenoid body Remove screws with round-shaped tips and detach the plunger assembly Fig. Page 1 and the feed guide plate 2. Refer to the section entitled "Feeder follower roller".

Page Feed System Rollers Fig. Page Retard roller Fig. Page Claw of the stopper Upper reading roller assembly Fig. Refer to the section entitled "Upper registration roller". Page Detach the stopper assembly. Screw Feed guide plate 1 Feed guide plate 2 Feed guide plate 3 Fig.

Page one on each side , and lower the lever to detach the lower registration roller Lever Lower registration roller Fig. The pulley for the lower reading roller is flanged on the inside. Page Note: Feeder drive rollers B and C are the same parts.

Adjust the Delivery drive roller tension so that the belt does not miss the Fig. The tension of the belt can be adjusted with the coil spring attached to the tension plate. Stopper Front reading unit Fig. Cable clamp Back reading unit Fig.

Screw Fig. Fix them using cable clamps. Page Cable Screw Fig. Page Remove the gear. Additionally, remove one screw and detach the document guide and the rack by sliding them out. Gear Screw Document guide Rack Fig.


Canon DR-9080C Scanner User Manual

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