Al termine della selezione, accedere al menu e scaricare tutte le voci contemporaneamente sul nostro pc o spostateli in una cartella temporanea che avremo creato appositamente. Uno degli aggiornamenti che Microsoft ha installato su Windows Xp, 7 e 8. Ci viene in soccorso una piccola utility che esegue tutto automaticamente in pochi secondi: GWX Stopper. Leggi tutto Come visualizzare tutti i font?

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Era una calda giornata estiva in Toscana. Io e I miei amici stavamo degustando dei vini a Montalcino, una cittadina medievale collinare in provincia di Siena. Girovagando ho trovato una squisita sala degustazione di Brunello di Montalcino.

Il mio primo. Nel momento stesso in cui il lussureggiante frutto nero, la polvere Toscana e le erbe selvatiche hanno accarezzato la lingua, mi sono innamorata. Se siete alla ricerca di un vino atipico da aggiungere alla cantina suggerisco la leggendaria annata Collectible watches are difficult to find, even harder to obtain, and while most are still perfectly capable of keeping accurate time, all have become obsolete in the digital age. And yet, year after year, the watch collecting community continues to grow.

The question is, why? Why do thousands of enthusiasts sign up to bid on watches sold on the other side of the world if there are more reasonable things to do? There are as many answers to that question as there are collectors, but I have noticed one fundamental truth that binds them together. No matter their age, experience, and budget, all watch collectors can still remember the first truly remarkable mechanical watch they handled.

Mine was an extremely rare and beautiful Audemars Piguet perpetual calendar wristwatch from the s. I saw the watch, one of nine ever made, during a visit of the Audemars Piguet Museum and it was like a turning point.

I felt like I was in the presence of something truly special, the kind of watch that inspires a new level of respect for the art of watchmaking. Since , we have handled some of the most remarkable watches ever made, mechanical treasures from Rolex, Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin and other great houses of horology. These are watches that make. For those of us that enjoy Chianti, it is another realm once you open your.

This May, we will once. Among others, there is a pink gold and stainless steel Patek Philippe. Reference , one of the earliest chronograph wristwatches made in series. We are also proud to present. Senna, the legendary Formula 1 champion, to his mentor Angelo Parrilla. Already we know these are watches that will amaze collectors when they see. Brunello was one of only four wines in to receive the D.

If you are searching for an atypical wine to cellar look for the legendary vintage. For newer and more affordable additions, try the and vintages. There is great diversity in this wine depending on which side of the hillside the grapes are grown and who the maker is.

But you will see, it is the beginning of a long love affair. E ai suoi elementi. Permettemi, infine, di rivolgervi un invito. Vi aspetto! Wish me luck! And its elements. Baselworld begins today, a certainly different edition compared to the previous ones, but to which we wish the best of success. Finally, let me invite you. From 5 to 7 April, will be held in Anzio, the first edition of DiportAnzio, an event dedicated to recreational boating and charter.

Whether you are in the industry, you are someone curious, you like beautiful things or, simply, if you want to take a break and look for a getaway, remember: Anzio is always worth the trip. Wish Me luck! The association, active from the start, has closed partnerships that have allowed its development and to work with the aim to disseminate the above mentioned themes.

Ida, la. A simple plot enriched, however, by a completely new way of feeling. Because the most. The name - an obsession with words,. Forse per affrontarli serve prendere spunto. Perhaps to confront them, we need to most famous poem, Itaca, that says that every obstacle must be put straight in front of the heart, because calling it with its name, without fear, makes us free, once and for all. Flower by Kenzo Eau De Vie is a sparkling and joyful version of the great classic signed by Alberto Morillas, with fresh hints of ginger and neroli and a heart of orange blossom and Bulgarian rose.

What are the activities in the KiSS programs? Among the main initiatives with a strong social impact, is the Solidarity Pit Walk and the collection of food surpluses. The Solidarity Pit Walk is a walk along the pit lane dedicated to some associations of the territory that deal with disabilities, which thanks to the program, have the opportunity to meet teams, pilots and mechanics. I must admit that this is the activity that excites me the most and always gives me so much joy and happiness.

The collection of food surpluses is an initiative introduced two years ago to raise awareness against food waste. The association, together with Right Hub and Food Bank, during the Grand Prix collects from all the hospitality of the teams and the circuit, the surplus food and then donate it to the associations of the territory. Both in Mugello and Misano, in , more than 2.

From an environmental point of view there are so many activities we do: in Mugello we deliver the kits for separate collection to all campers through four info desks of the KiSS program positioned along the circuit to involve spectators and fans, sensitizing them through activities and gaming to make everything more engaging and entertaining. I must admit that reaching such a huge number of people, over The association, right from the start, has been working to raise awareness on environmental and social sustainability and has partnered with Right Hub, the company that coordinates the programs KiSS Mugello and KiSS Misano, to become a no-profit partner.

Right Hub is a company that deals with the design of sustainable sporting events, the realization of sustainable supply chains and to build business opportunities between social cooperatives and private companies in order to work with people with disabilities. Sia a Mugello che Misano, nel , sono stati raccolti oltre pasti a Gran Premio. What is environmental and social sustainability for you? Sustainability affects different dimensions: environmental, social and ethical.

For example, each of us produces waste and to be more sustainable it would be enough to follow the 4R rule: Reduce, Reuse, Repair and Recycle.

We can buy products with less packaging and avoid disposable products; donate items that we no longer use and, before trashing something, evaluate whether it is possible to repair it; recycling correctly and do not abandon waste in the environment. Another example is the elimination of waste: through small gestures like avoiding to run water unnecessarily while we brush our teeth reduces the waste of a resource as important and limited as water is; using LED bulbs reduces power consumption, making an accurate shopping list and buying only the necessary reduces food wastage.

Why do thousands of enthusiasts sign up to. No matter their age, experience, and budget, all watch collectors can still remember the. I felt like I was in the presence of. Since , we have handled some of the most remarkable watches ever made, mechanical. These are watches that make people smile, that start conversations between strangers, that make people dream.

This May, we will once again present watches of that ilk. Among others, there is a pink gold and stainless steel Patek Philippe Reference , one of the earliest chronograph wristwatches made in series. Already we know these are watches that will amaze collectors when they see them in person and we cannot for that moment when they pass from our hands into theirs.

Gli orologi BR Heritage, lanciati dieci anni. The roof has no antennas and the shark fin, a recurring element in the DS design, is positioned laterally in the rear window profile.

Born and raised in Rome, he is a major player on the international vintage watch scene since the early 80s. Now based in the Los Angeles area, he's also an expert in luxury vintage collectibles and art aficionado.

She has published 7 books, married the love of her life and, most of all, Vittorio's proud mom! Born in Rome, Maurizio is a musician, biker, experimenter, traveller and collector, as well as the founder of Watchesinrome. Francesca writes to live and lives to write. She has a boyfriend, two cats and two blogs she keeps bustling in her spare time. Because there is one thing she never gets enough: words! Stefano is passionate for movies, books, photography and above all watches and in he has founded the blog "Signori degli Orologi" for TGCOM He simply loves his dog.

Words' lover, books' serial devouring, writer for passion and chatterbox by vocation. She loves to define herself through the characters of the books she loves. Her fav ever? Davide is Dandyism. And viceversa. Davide is a watch, cars, cigar, champagne, wines, food, travelling and much more lover and expert. She is an expert of the yachting industry. Milla Editore S. While every care is taken, prices and details are subject to change and Milla Editore S.

Takes no responsibility for omissions or errors. We reserve the right to publish and edit any letters. All rights reserved. Non solo vocale. Se non avessi la rivista sempre a portata di mano, non potrei davvero non abbonarmi. E, a proposito! Ad maiora!


Barocco in Brasile

Fece la sua apparizione nel paese all'inizio del XVII secolo , introdotto dai missionari cattolici , e specialmente dai gesuiti , che si spingevano in Sudamerica con il fine di evangelizzare e catechizzare i popoli indigeni nativi. Lungo il periodo coloniale ebbe vigore una stretta unione fra Chiesa e Stato. L'arte barocca fu un'arte essenzialmente funzionale, prestandosi molto bene ai fini a cui doveva servire: oltre alla sua funzione puramente decorativa, facilitava l'assorbimento della dottrina cattolica e delle pratiche tradizionali da parte dei neofiti, rappresentando un efficiente strumento pedagogico e catechetico. Da quando gli intellettuali modernisti iniziarono, agli albori del XX secolo , la rivisitazione del barocco brasiliano, un gran numero di edifici e di patrimoni artistici sono stati protetti dal governo, mediante l'archiviazione, la musealizzazione o altri processi, che attestano il riconoscimento ufficiale dell'importanza del barocco per la storia della cultura brasiliana. Nonostante la sua importanza, buona parte del patrimonio materiale del barocco brasiliano si trova in cattivo stato di conservazione ed esige restauro e altre misure di conservazione, verificandosi spesso perdite o degradazione di esemplari di valore in tutte le discipline artistiche. Le strutture monumentali erette durante il barocco, come i palazzi e i grandi teatri e chiese , cercavano di creare un impatto di natura spettacolare ed esuberante, proponendo un'integrazione fra le varie discipline artistiche e catturando l'osservatore in un'atmosfera catartica , apoteotica , coinvolgente e appassionata.



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