Rusty Dice: I'm going through a step by step for it now. If you've got a relevant tip, trick or link, make sure to include it in your comment for the rest of us to check out! Bloodthirster Bloodbath test model painted. So I've got the first one completely painted. Truth be told, I've got so much to post these days that I'm almost done with the project and I'm just now getting around to showing you guys the test model.

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In my opinion, Be'lakor is too small to use as a bloodthirster. He works great as a daemon prince though and that's what I'm planning on doing.

I've thought about the LOTR Balrog, which is a great model, but I'm reluctant to use a model from a different miniatures range. Personally, I love the current Bloodthirster. Of course, I remember when I dropped the original Bloodthirster on the battlefield and everyone freaked out. If you are willing to go outside of GW, you could use the Ultraforge War Daemon or the Heresy Netherlord especially if you can get the winged one. Actually, I like the original Bloodthirster more than the current one!

Post a Comment. Wednesday, April 14, Chaos Daemon Bloodbath. Seeing this post by Ron over at From the Warp got me thinking about this again. Just imagining the spectacle of 8 Bloodthirsters suddenly appearing on the battlefield, led by Forgeworld's Bloodthirster Ann'ggrath is just fantastic. While Ann'ggrath is both huge and expensive, I can almost justify getting him The problem is, I hate the current GW Bloodthirster. I really wish GW came out with a new Bloodthirster model, preferably a plastic one.

If GW made a new model, that looks better than the current one and in plastic with options to provide some variety, I'd have a very hard time resisting picking some up. The temptation to field a Bloodbath would just be too great.

I dislike the current model enough that I got a fantasy model instead to represent a Bloodthirster, Bel'Akor the Dark Master:. Email This BlogThis!

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Fact or Fiction: Leona the Bloodthirster

Featured Image: Sam Briggs. Photographing the dead was a rather morbid Victorian era tradition that endured into the 20 th Century. A particular post-mortem pic that often makes the rounds in these circles is of a Romania woman who died in Ioana Constantinescu, better known to connoisseurs of all things creepy and bizarre as Leona the Bloodthirster. The suspected witch was beaten to within an inch of her life by an angry mob before committing ritual suicide by consuming goblet after goblet of her own blood. They say a picture can speak a thousand words; the photo of Ioana Constantinescu speaks haunting volumes. But was Leona the Bloodthirster real, or is this a case of a fanciful story attaching itself to an unknown photo? The biography normal cited can only be traced back to a poem on Poetry Critical , attributed to a writer known only as Unholy:.


SC6669's Chaos Daemons Army

Jump to content. You currently have javascript disabled. Several functions may not work. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Greetings and salutations. Originally my daemons were with my World Eaters back in 3 rd edition , and wound up being a separate army after subsequent rules changes.


Bloodthirster Bloodbath

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