Anyone, who with the intent to destroy all or part of people, belonging to any national, ethnical, racial, religious, social or political groups, organised, directed or participated in their killings, torturing, mutilating, disturbing their mental development, deporting or otherwise creating conditions of living, which caused their destruction wholly or in part, limiting births within the groups or forcibly tranferring children to the other groups, shall be punished imprisonment from five to twenty years or life imprisonment. Anyone who intentionally performed or supported state or organisational policy and massively or systematically attacked civilians and killed them or caused grave harm for their health; created living conditions that caused persons deaths; trafficked persons; deported inhabitants; tortured, raped, involved into sexual slavery, forced to perform prostitution, made pregnant by force or sterilized; persecuted any community of persons because of political, racial, national, ethnical, cultural, religious, gender or any other motives, prohibited by international law; detained, arrested or deprived persons of their freedom in any other way, when such deprivation of freedom is not acknowledged, or refused to give information about the fate or whereabouts of these persons; performed policy of apartheid is punished by the imprisonment from five to twenty five years or life imprisonment. However, crimes against humanity as a general category has not been introduced into Lithuanian Criminal Law up to the adoption of the New Criminal Code in year First of all, it includes political as well as social groups in the list of protected groups; secondly, it adds two more inhumane acts: deportations and torture. This extension has occurred due to the needs of Lithuania to cover all the cases of genocide of Lithuanian population. It corresponds to the modern tendencies in national criminal law systems e.

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