Rosslare's convertible line unites its readers and stand-alones into one family, incorporating all products' functionalities, types and work modes. Following their successful integration, all products in this unique convertible line serve dual functionalities as both readers, and user keypads. When connected to a Rosslare intelligent Secure Power Supply PS-x15T or PS-x25T , each unit automatically converts into a full-feature user access controller, with superior security due to the separation of keypad and the controller unit. All units are flexible to integrate, and offer further security by rejecting any wire tampering attempts. Fit for all access control applications from residential and commercial, to large-scale applications, our convertible product line is the answer to a wide variety of installations.

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Limited Warranty page 47 page 48 - Appendix B. Quick Links. Table of Contents. Page 3: Table Of Contents 1. Technical Specifications Wiring Instructions Reader Functionality Page 4: General Information Reader Functionality on page For information on how the unit functions as a controller, see Controller Functionality on page If the power supply is detected, then the AYC-W is automatically configured as a secure access control unit.

Two short beeps one second apart are generated on power-on reset. Page 7: Key Features Dimensions: 5. Range also depends on the electrical environment and proximity to metal. Page 9: Installation When the unit is used as a reader, route the interface cable from the AYC-W to the controller.

Page Wiring Instructions If the tamper output is used, connect the purple wire to the correct input on the controller when used as reader, or to the zone input of an intruder alarm system when used as a controller.

Trim and cover all unused conductors. If the unit is connected to a standard access controller, it functions as a reader. This is indicated by one beep generated on resetting the unit. Repeat the process from the beginning. These settings are the called the "Default Factory Settings". Note: The factory default Programming Code is Page 17 You will hear three short beeps.

Follow the steps below to select the appropriate keypad transmission format that you wish to use. Or, 8 Wiegand 6bits frames, 8 keys entered. Page 20 Or, 8 Wiegand 6bits frames, 8 keys entered. Follow the steps below to select the appropriate Proximity Card reader transmission format you wish to use. Page 21 This code is used only by PIN codes that are transmitted in multiple keys formats.

It is inserted in the MSB byte of the transmitted data, one bit following the leading parity bit. Enter Programming Mode. Page 22 The Third and Fourth Digits have no meaning for this option. System returns to Normal Access Mode. Page 23 The Code Search method is mainly used when enrolling a second card or PIN code and the user slot code is unknown. Page 24 3-digit slot number that you want to assign a code to. Page 26 3. Enter the 3-digit User Slot codes you wish to delete.

Note: It is recommended that a record be kept of added and deleted users so that it is be easier to keep track of which user slots are empty and which user slots are not. Page 28 2. Activate tamper by removing the reader from the wall or removing the reader's case.

Apply power to the reader. This is indicated by two short beeps on power-on reset. Normal Mode is the default mode. Orange 3. However, applying a Secure Code will clear the tamper event in Secure mode. They are designed to operate indoors and installed within the premises to be secured. These settings are the called the Default Factory Settings.

Page 35 You will hear three short beeps. Page 37 The default value is which corresponds to Fail Secure operation, no siren, and 4-seconds Lock Output release time.

Settings Alarms and Auxiliary The default auxiliary setting is Enter Programming mode. Page 40 The Code Search method is mainly used when enrolling a second card or PIN code and the user slot code is unknown. Page 43 3. Page 45 is invalid and will not delete the Programming Code.

Make sure that the Indication LED is red before proceeding. Page Appendix A. Limited Warranty 2 years 24 Months. Page Appendix B. Page 50 www. Print page 1 Print document 50 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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