The Geosat Suite is a PC application that helps you keeping your Geosat up-to-date and allows you customizing your contents and sharing them with your friends. Download on your PC Geosat Suite this is necessary only once. Download the Geosat update for free and install it following the instructions on the Suite. What you will get through the Geosat Suite. Through the Suite you will be able to update your navigator for free to the latest Software version:.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Manual. User Manual Via Caboto, 9. Table of Contents. Aeronautical navigator standard and oem versions 12 pages. Page 2 In the event of a defect, AvMap, at its option, will repair or replace the product with no charge to the purchaser for parts or labor.

The repaired or replaced product will be warranted for ninety 90 days from the date of return shipment, or for the balance of the original warranty, whichever is longer. Page 4 User Manual Page 5: Table Of Contents 1. Page 7 Page 8 15 Operating Requirements Page 9: Introduction Designed as a sophisticated navigation information cen- ter, the features of the EKP-IV allow the user to Track information and navi- gate to points of interest.

Page Basic 1. As you press a key, a single audio beep confirms the key action; every time the key pressed is not valid, three rapid beeps sound indicating that no response is available. It does not replace paper charts and good judgement.

To Select Position Use the cursor key to scroll to the location you want. Page Moving Map Icons 1. The GoTo menu box will open enabling you to activate the current cursor position or search the Database for a specific object to fly to. The EKP-IV emits one rapid beep sound and a Title page containing information about the Product name, Software version, library version and cartridges installed is displayed.

Page Turning Off 2. Page Data Entry 2. This mode displays the Mov- ing Map screen and Data Window. The operation mode will determine the options available within the screen. A slow flashing airplane icon will indicate your current position. The airplane will be pointing in the direction of movement. Page Automatic Info 3. This is a user setting that can be defined in Moving Map Menu. The default is Automatic Information to be displayed for aeronautical and terrestrial data.

Page Waypoint Handling A shadow of the icon will remain on the screen until the map is redrawn. From the Moving Map screen you can edit and create Flight Plans using the cursor. The Flight Plan edited or created will be the one that is currently viewed by the software see Chapter 6. Page Moving Map Menu Map display. Page Viewed Fp Fig. The map is scrolled and zoomed automatically to keep the best view possible. Page Default Datafields Fig. Course-up - will rotate the map automatically to keep your active leg pointed toward the top of the display.

Page Vfr, Airspace, Land, Marine And Other Settings egory of detail selected will be displayed on the Moving Map automatically when the cursor is placed over the object. If the category is turned Off, no details about objects will be displayed automatically. Page Selective Display Settings 3. When Lights are On lights are shown on lighthouses and other lights that rotate, a light sector is displayed to show the range of coverage for the light.

Page 35 It is also possible tochoose the catrografic information to be shown based on the selected "Cycle" program. Page 36 User Manual A warning box will appear to con- firm your desire to add the Waypoint, displaying the default Waypoint name.

Page 40 User Manual Page Hsi Menu 5. The Flight Plan name will appear at the top of the page. This name will appear at the top of the page when viewed and in the Flight Plans List when viewing all Flight Plans. User Manual The first page to appear will be the last chosen category of data. Page 48 User Manual The system was designed and deployed by the U. Department of Defense to provide continuous, worldwide positioning and navigation data to U.

Page Gps Receiver Specifications Azimuth and Elevation of the satellites used to compute a position fix. Page Accuracy exactly where to find the best possible replacement.

Three satellites are required for two-dimension positioning which determines position only and four satellites are required for three-dimension positioning to determine position and elevation. The GPS receiver applies the corrections to the navigation data it uses to compute a position solution and displays differen- tially corrected data.

The internal waypoint memory capacity is shared with Flight Plan waypoints; Depending upon the category of object, the Database can be searched by one of three methods: identifier, name or city and in the Pro version; Page 57 within the same city, the double sided cursor key will scroll through each airport within the city. Page 58 User Manual Instrument approach points displayed in the unit are for information only and do not establish authority for a pilot to fly the IFR approach procedure in actual instrument flying conditions.

Page Approach From Flight Plan Database Flight Plan mode allows the pilot to plan and activate up to ten flight plans with up to individual legs each. Now the EKP-IV allows the pilot to pre- program an approach at the destination end of the flight plan and to change the approach as desired. Page 61 GOTO destination replacing them with the corresponding airport waypoint that was originally selected. Page 62 User Manual Page Calculator Calculator The Calculator functions assist the user in preflight and in-flight calculations for Vertical Navigation, Wind and Fuel consumption.

In addition, clock func- tions and trip data can be found in this menu. The Calculator uses GPS data and user data for computations. All Calculator functions are based on the active Flight Plan. The default setting is Off This data is statistical in nature and is calculated based on GPS parameters. Page Vertical Navigation Fig. Overall Avg: Speed values divided by Partial Distance. Flying Time: Total time when speed is greater than 35 knots.

This feature requires that a Flight Plan be activated. Page Wind Calculation Fig. Destination point for Vertical Navigation is the last point of the Route or destination of GoTo mode. This is a useful feature for flight planning purposes. Actual Fuel Consumption will vary based on flight conditions and engine settings. Page 70 Fig. NOTE Your aircraft may have additional items that require checking for each procedure.

Consult your aircraft manual for a complete list. Page Ground Check If all the items of the list are not checked upon exit a warning message appears on the screen that states the check-list has not been completed.

It is recommended that the Simulator be used to experiment with the full range of capabilities contained within the EKP-IV so that you may get the most out of it when used in the cockpit. Page The Communication Fig. System Setup options are arranged in sub-menus. For example, all options that relate to the Fix functions are in Fix Setup sub-menu and all options related to time or date are in Date Time Setup.

This is continuously updated to account for changes. Here you can set the system for your navigational requirements. The interval setting can be defined by the pilot. After 5, intervals the oldest is deleted with each new position fix point. The following options assist in getting the most track memory for your type of flying.

Page Distance Unit The default setting is NM. Please contact your local C-MAP office for details. Page Dimensions Please contact your dealer for more details on these items. NOTE Yoke mounts may not be appropriate for your aircraft. Page Troubleshooting Selective Availability which was discontinued in April


AvMap EKP-IV User Manual



AvMap ekp-iv pro User Manual


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