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Vividly smooth motion in HD, all the essentials — and a great price? The USB powered U15 is the perfect first document camera to replace your overhead projector, scanner — and even your web camera.

With the U15, there is only clear movement and images without any bumps, lags or freezes. Go ahead you smooth criminal. Beware of rings, wheels and other controls, because no matter how they phrase it, it is still manual focus.

So when moving from page to page or project to project, the U15 does all the work. Imagine if you had to manual focus all of that…. Usually when the projector is on, the lights are off. Sharing a doc cam with a few teachers? It also has only one cable to connect for the quickest setup. The U15 just might be the easiest doc cam to use.

All the U15 needs is one USB cable to power-on and connect-up. No fuss. No mess. Dimension Operating Feel free to split…the screen that is.

Show exam questions next to sample answers. How to videos next to end results. The difference between an iceberg and a glacier is simple when seen. All the while, annotate, highlight and record the presentation and when finished, Sphere2 will upload to many social media sites — YouTube, Dropbox — to share with colleagues, students and more. You can even use the IWB or tabletsoftware to control the U Place an AVer doc cam live image directly onto PowerPoint slides.

You can even annotate over the entire slide including the live doc cam image as well as record the entire presentation. Through the ClassSend app , students are empowered to modify, annotate and transmit their work back to the teacher! Sphere Software v. The Teacher Spot. Smooth criminal. Built-in Auto focus Beware of rings, wheels and other controls, because no matter how they phrase it, it is still manual focus. Imagine if you had to manual focus all of that… Read the fine print. Shed some light.

Do the twist. Move it. Only one cable needed. Sphere2 Lesson Presentation Software. Interactive White Board or Tablet Plug-in. Microsoft application plug-in. Can this product support flip teaching flipped classroom where students learn new contents online by watching video lectures at home and apply what they learn in the classroom?

The U15 has a gooseneck that allows you to lean, bend, and flex the camera in any direction. Yes, the U15 has an adjustable output of 30fps at p.

The U15 has a built in LED light attached to the camera head that provides light to your presentation when needed. Is there a way to save images or Record videos displayed by the U15? Images and recorded videos are automatically saved to your computer. The U15 is a USB powered document camera. You cannot connect this model directly to the projector because there is no VGA port. Approximately 16 feet varies upon quality of the cable.

Yes, the U15 is completely powered and operated by a computer. No, this camera is totally powered via USB.

The camera comes with two onboard usb ports that allows external usb mouse devices to be connected including the AVerPen. This saves you from having to purchase an additional hub for the computer. I would love to you the U15 on some other Interactive White Board software. Yes it comes with a built in on board microphone.


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AVerVision U15



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