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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Fauzi Fadzil. Ku Hasnita Ku Samsu. Pertanika J. The student movement managed to gain some latitude from AUKU in when it was amended, paving the way for students to participate more actively in the General Election.

For this purpose the student movement, under their new organisation, Gerakan Mahasiswa 13 GM13 , launched several street demonstrations to exert pressure on the ruling government.

This movement launched its manifesto in order to bring the attention of the ruling government to its demands. In the 13th General Election, the student movement played two major roles: irstly acting as a pressure group and secondly, disseminating information. Student movement activism in the s.

The second wave of activism of its activities. This paper utilises the idea of managed to gain support from student civil society to discuss student movement movements entrenched in Islamic and activism in the 13th General Election. The socialist ideologies that were similar in function of civil society is to be an agent philosophy and momentum as the student of social change, either before or after the movement of the irst wave that arose in process of democratisation, in inluencing the s.

After that irst wave, the rights the development and change of a political of university students as Malaysian citizens system Hall, It appeared that the had been violated when AUKU placed student movement was attempting to several severe restrictions upon university negotiate a space between the government students with regards to their participation and the common people; this, indeed, in Malaysian politics.

In order to regain their according to Edward Shills, is a role of civil place as a meaningful component of the civil society. This movement basically strove to society movement in Malaysia, university act as the voice of the silent majority. This students needed to free themselves from study was analysed using secondary data these restrictions and this they inally did derived from newspapers, namely Harakah during the 13th General Election when they Daily, Keadilan Daily, Utusan Malaysia and underwent a period of revitalisation.

Malaysia Kini, books and journal articles. The first wave of their struggle in the s demonstrated to the student Student Movement in and as movement that they could pressure the Civil Society ruling government to revise its views on the The 13th Malaysian General Election was future direction and destiny of Malaysians.

AUKU was enacted by the University Council, and the autonomous government with the royal consent of the power of organising students, which came King, the Yang Di Pertuan Agong on 27 directly from student unions, had given April, It was an act that came under the support, including inancial backing, to the purview of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher student movement.

The establishment of Education. This act was amended in and planning of their activities. In this way, , following which, it became known AUKU had limited the participation of as the Universities and University Colleges students in national politics. The section of Amendment Act However, in AUKU on General Discipline in the Student , it was revised again, and this time, it Disciplinary Rules clearly prohibited student provided greater lexibility that allowed for participation in off-campus activities; it is student activism.

Firstly, it dissolved several active Students could participate in off-campus student organisations, when under the act, activities only with written approval from all student organisations no longer came the Vice Chancellor in advance, and approval under the Societies Act This meant was solely at the discretion of the Vice that student organisations effectively lost Chancellor.

Other than that, AUKU had their powers of autonomy. All student developed cleavage in the student movement organisations were now supervised by whereby student activism was forced to be the respective Vice Chancellors VC , focused on university campuses only, as and AUKU gave the VCs the power to AUKU had prohibited university students dissolve any student organisation that from participating in off-campus political could, in their opinion be hazardous to the activities.

In this way, university students university, or in their judgment, was no usually ended up supporting a favoured longer active. One of the casualties of this group and were biased against others. Even act was the Universiti Malaya Socialist though students participated in campus Club.

AUKU also curbed student activism elections, they were not allowed to form with the setting up of a Student Affairs parties or groups during campus elections Department in every university. Prior as the universities prohibited students from to the establishment of AUKU, student competing in groups and candidates were Pertanika J. Their students lose interest in participating in real intention had been to develop the land campus politics. Finally, AUKU stifled for farming.

The strength and Tuah and his followers inally being given success of an organisation depends on the a piece of land for agricultural purposes. However, university also had to change its policy on the issue of administration encouraged students to distribution of land to the poor Muhammad form numerous student associations and Abu Bakar, The May 13 incident of when there were too many associations, the had shown how the student movement student movement became fragmented and managed to pressure the irst Prime Minister, weakened Junaidi Abu Bakar, Tunku Abdul Rahman, to resign from his In an amendment was made to post after he failed to control bloodshed AUKU that allowed university students to between ethnic groups on 13 May, This situation caused the , when the government had to abolish Universiti Malaya Malay Language Society section 15 1 , 2 and 3 from AUKU, Persatuan Bahasa Melayu Universiti which gave university students the right to Malaya, PBMUM , one of the student participate in politics freely outside campus movement bodies at that time, to pass a compounds.

The student movement gained resolution urging Tunku to resign. Under the inluence and impetus in society because leadership of Syed Hamid Ali, an anti-Tunku of several national issues such as the demonstration was held on 28 August, , Hamid Tuah incident, the 13 May incident and consequently, Tunku was forced to and the National Language issue. In the step down as Prime Minister on September Hamid Tuah incident, the Selangor state , after about a year of running battles government arrested Hamid Tuah and his with the student movement Muhammad followers after Hamid Tuah had developed Abu Bakar, The National Language a piece of land in Teluk Gong illegally; issue had brought the student movement Pertanika J.

The information gained from only university in existence at that time public speeches of student leaders to the to enforce a strict policy of making Bahasa public about issues and problems was also Melayu the Malay language the oficial disseminated widely throughout the nation. Even though Even though the student movement, in the Bahasa Melayu had been recognised in the irst wave of its activities, had proved that it constitution as the National Language, in could change the decisions of the authorities, Universiti Malaya, teaching sessions and all the students felt that the inluence that they formal correspondence was still carried out had gained was insuficient.

This was the in the English medium. In this demonstration, all historic because after 44 years , signboards, posters and bulletin boards in the student movement decided to participate Universiti Malaya that were in English were in the General Elections again, and in no less defaced with red and black paint.

In the a way than by challenging Malaysian Prime end, Prof. Najib Tun Razak, of Universiti Malaya, was forced to make himself for the parliamentary seat of Pekan, it mandatory to use Bahasa Melayu in Pahang by ielding its own candidate. The all academic and management affairs reason the student movement, under their Muhammad Abu Bakar, The stand of the student The student movement made an attempt movement infused courage among some to participate in the general election to political leaders and public servants in the attract the attention of the ruling government government sector to start criticising the to the issue of academic freedom that had actions of some national leaders such as been raised during the 12th General Election Tunku Abdul Rahman, Datuk Harun Idris but at that time, student activism was Chief Minister of Selangor and Prof limited due to the enforcement of AUKU.

This issue gained support from vehicle was Parti Mahasiswa Negara the general public when they too participated PMN , which was hardly vociferous as Pertanika J. After , the ruling that the party wanted to make way for government still found it hard to allow the Pakatan Rakyat and Barisan Nasional to student movement to join national politics; have a one-on-one contest.

Following this, it tried to amend AUKU twice before GM13 decided to throw their support behind the 13th General Election but that did not Pakatan Rakyat in the campaign for the appease the student movement because parliamentary seat of Putrajaya Hasbullah it had not been given the autonomous Awang Chik, 18 April, According to power and academic freedom that it was Bukhairy Sufian the reason they decided seeking Suhaimi, A. However, two days before Pakatan Rakyat was working for political nomination day, GM13 suddenly declared reform at national level while the student that it was withdrawing on the grounds that movement was working for political reform the opposition coalition, Pakatan Rakyat, at university level.

This was despite GM13 had agreed to accept their manifesto. In Putrajaya, GM13 party. Guru Hj. It knew that it could election campaign. GM13 also knew not win the Pekan parliament seat and that it had virtually no chance of winning so the party declared that it was ighting in its bid to contest in the general election, for that seat in order to generate public so it decided it would be wise to withdraw awareness for their views on the issue of Bukhairy Suffian, 22 April, The higher education.

After , the student Mandiri, Demokratik dan Berautonomi. One human capital, adherence to the constitution, issue that highlighted the student movement academic freedom, planning to popularise as an important pressure group in Malaysia democracy, full autonomy of tertiary was Pengajaran dan Pembelajaran Sains institutions, autonomy among university dan Matematik Dalam Bahasa Inggeris students, free education and equal rights.

Shuhaimi Al-Maniri, and public figures A. Samad Said and The real intention of the student launched a street demonstration, marching movement in participating in the elections from Masjid Negara to Istana Negara to of was to try to give the real picture deliver a memorandum to the Yang Di about national politics by using a non-racial Pertuan Agong, asking the King to intervene approach.

UMSU had issued a manifesto in this issue to stop the ruling government called the Student Manifesto to propagate from proceeding with the PPSMI in the racism-free practices in national politics. This situation was the same issues in China and Australia regarding rare as the issue that had been brought up by earth processing that had made the student the student movement in the s and movement, as a component of civil society, s when it became the voice of the to contend that this plant would endanger rural people because the government had the health of Malaysians.

University pressure group in Malaysia was the rising students are equipped with knowledge and cost of living, especially after the 13 th an inquiring spirit, and being introduced General Election. Abu Bakar, GM13, as a student This prompted the student movement, under movement engine in the 13 th General its vehicle, the Movement to Reduce the Election, had played a major role as a Cost of Living Gerakan Turun Kos Sara pressure group to reform higher education Pertanika J.

The way to achieve rights of the poor and the marginalised this, according to GM13, was to remove be respected; national wealth lost through any government influence on university corruption be recovered; and the people of management, and Vice Chancellors were Sabah and Sarawak be given their just dues not to be chosen by the Higher Education under the Malaysia Agreement, The Minister so that the executive head of the organisers of the demonstration claimed that universities would not be bound by any Sabah and Sarawak had not been treated external forces.

The university management fairly in social, economic and political must also not prevent or restrain students issues compared to other states in Malaysia from becoming involved in social affairs and especially on the issue of petroleum royalty, politics and lastly, the government should which had been included in the ensure private colleges and universities Malaysia Agreement.

The reason why GM13 did not focus Essentially, the manifesto that had on economic and social issues in their been produced by GM13 had been a manifesto, unlike what had been done by proposal to revamp the higher education the National Union of Malaysian Students system. The essence of this policy goal was NUMS , which was the student movement the redeeming and reforming of tertiary vehicle in the General Election of , education in institutions of higher learning, was that GM13 wanted to build a strong and this included the introduction of proper university student body on campuses general governance in the areas of academic before moving to the second phase, that as well as student affairs.

The manifesto is, nation building Anis Nazri, 5 March, highlighted that changes in the tertiary The problem with nation building in education agenda must start with the Malaysia is that the effort towards this noble formulation of a National Higher Education aspiration does not seem to have started at Act, which needed to contain elements the right level with the right people, thus of protection against new policies that necessitating university students to take were detrimental to higher education.

This on the mantle of true leadership, which the formulation should be followed by the repeal student movement saw as an ingredient that of the Universities and Colleges Act , was sorely needed. Sadly, inherent weaknesses in the Act This tertiary education policy set-up of local universities do not allow reform would contribute to the birth of students to have a meaningful, supportive autonomous institutions of higher learning.

This autonomy would then rectify the The AUKU, in no uncertain terms, prohibits structural relationship between institutions student organisations from forming any of higher learning and the Ministry of form of network without permission from Higher Education Dokumen Polisi Baharu the Vice Chancellor.

The key point to with a new spirit of unity that is neither note here is that they need to ind grounds on superficial nor ornamental, but which is which to agree rather than allow themselves tangible and can be manifested meaningfully to be led astray as each group tries to in the daily lives of the people, rather than establish its own identity and starts pursuing beheld up merely as an abstraction in the goals that are too parochial and in the igment of propagandist imagination.

At the root of this problem is The problem with student movements at the fact that a student organisation in a campuses is that they are split into several particular university is prohibited from groups that have different ideologies. The president of GM13, among themselves. This is a fundamental representative.

GM13 even went as far problem that needs to be addressed by the as sending an official open letter to the student movement if they are to play a Prime Minister but no response was meaningful role in championing the rights given Mahasiswakini, 22 March, All these groups in his debate with PKR Strategic Director, gave vocal support to GM13 by expressing Rafizi Ramli, which clearly showed the opinions critical of the establishment and stand of the Barisan Nasional government gave their sympathetic support to the that free higher education would not be student activists and their struggle.

These implemented in Malaysia Pavinder, 15 initiatives represented a brilliant strategy April, Such a strategy was public in order to gain support and that used previously by the Universiti Malaya was what was strategically done by GM Student Union UMSU in August , They launched street demonstrations in when several of their student leaders had order to pressure the Prime Minister into been placed under custody after accepting their challenge to a debate.


Universities and University Colleges Act 1971

It is also an act that is partially under the legislative authority of the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to "provide for the establishment, organization and management of Universities and Public University Colleges and for matters connected herewith. The Universities and University Colleges Act , in its current form 1 August , consists of 5 Parts containing 27 sections and 2 schedules including 6 amendments. According to Abdullah Haji Abdul Karim, Director of the Central PAS Youth Department for Student Affairs, in a statement he made on the Harakah Daily website, although it was obvious that AUKU bill was passed to provide for the establishment, maintenance and administration of University and University Colleges and for other matters connected therewith, in the new sections that were entered into it after the amendment argued for by then-Education Minister Tun Dr. The main goals [2] of the amendment blocks:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.


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