Periapical surgery of maxillary posterior teeth. A review of the literature. Universidad de Valencia. In recent years, periapical surgery has evolved thanks to new diagnostic and technical advances. A review is made of the literature on periapical surgery of the antral teeth, based on a Medline search and on the revision of Spanish dental journals in the period between and

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SunaySunaySunaySunay 7,7,7,7, L. GouldGouldGouldGould 2,2,2,2, B. DummerDummer PMH. Recibido el 3 de de octubre de de ; aceptado el 19 de de diciembre de 2. Juan J. Segura-Egea, Departamento de. MainjotMainjotMainjot etetet al. Mohammadi Segura-EgeaSegura-Egea etet al. CapaCapaCapa pluvialpluvialpluvial etetet al. En primer lugar prescrito. En segundo lugar prescrito. PalmeroPalmeroPalmero etetet al. Reino Unido.

La amoxicilina. La penicilina VK. Lituania General Practitioner. Cirujano dental. PericPericPeric etetet al. Las infecciones persistentes. Localizada fl uctuant hinchazones. Khemaaleelakul Khemaaleelakul Khemaaleelakul etetet al. Por lo tanto,. AntibioticsAntibiotics inin Endodontics:Endodontics: aa reviewreview. El recubrimiento pulpar. Por el contrario, MTA o de otros materiales a base de silicato de calcio deben usarse una vez que la causa de la enfermedad por ejemplo, caries caries caries caries hahahaha sidosidosidosido abordadoabordadoabordadoabordado Farsi Farsi Farsi Farsi etetetet al.

TableTable 33 IndicationsIndications forfor systemicsystemic antibioticsantibiotics asas adjunctsadjuncts duringduring thethe treatmenttreatment ofof traumatic injuries of the teeth references in the text. Traumatic injury. Type of antibiotic. Tooth fracture.

Concussion, Subluxation. Luxation injuries of permanent. Replantation of avulsed. SatoSato etet al. MolanderMolanderMolander etetet al. Jungermann Jungermann Jungermann etetet al. AbbottAbbottAbbott etetet al. Tratamiento de conducto. InIn additionaddition toto limitedlimited antimicrobialantimicrobial activityactivity Abbott Abbott etet al. The use of topical antibiotics in root canal treatment has also been proposed to prevent or reduce postoperative symptoms.

However, antibiotics do not reduce the pain or swelling arising from teeth with symptomaticsymptomaticsymptomaticsymptomaticsymptomatic apicalapicalapicalapicalapical pathosispathosispathosispathosispathosis Keenan Keenan Keenan Keenan Keenan etetetetet al. In summary, use of topical antibiotics during root canal treatment is not supported by the evidence. Regenerative endodontic procedures. MurrayMurrayMurray etetet al.

Por lo tanto, los medicamentos intracanal se han utilizado en los informes de casoscasos casicasi todostodos publicadospublicados Kontakiotis Kontakiotis etet al. Es eficaz contra ambos microorganismos gram-positivos y gram-negativos, incluyendo la mayor parte.

Minocycline has been used in periodontal therapy, being available in many topical forms Angaji etet al. Side effects of antibiotics used in regenerative endodontic procedures. The use of antibiotics as intracanal dressings in REP may promote several side effects.

A problem that often accompanies the intracoronal use of TAPTAP containingcontaining minocyclineminocycline isis dentinedentine discolourationdiscolouration Hoshino Hoshino etet al. The recent review and ESE position statement on revitalization procedures advocate the use of calcium hydroxide instead of antibiotics to avoid discolouration ESE.

Antibiotics and dental pulp stem cells The preservation of host residual cells is essential for favourable REP outcomes. Stem cells must survive to contribute to tissue regeneration Diogenes Diogenes etet al.

Moreover, the effect of TAP on subcutaneous tissue of rats over different time periods has been evaluated, concluding thatthatthatthatthat ititititit isisisisis biocompatiblebiocompatiblebiocompatiblebiocompatiblebiocompatible Gomes-Filho Gomes-Filho Gomes-Filho Gomes-Filho Gomes-Filho etetetetet al. Tooth avulsion. Topical antibiotic application on a tooth to be replanted after avulsion is also advocated to enhance. Types of antibiotics and recommended dosages in endodontics.

AmoxicillinAmoxicillinAmoxicillin isisis aaa moderate-spectrum,moderate-spectrum,moderate-spectrum, bacteriolytic,bacteriolytic,bacteriolytic, b-b-b- lactam antibiotic that represents a synthetic improvement upon the original penicillin molecule. It is a good drug for orofacial infections because it is readily absorbed better than penicillin and can be taken with food.

It is better able to resist damage from stomach acid so less of an oral dose is wasted; it also has a much broader spectrum against the gram-negative cell wall than penicillin, and appropriate blood levels are retained for a slightly longer time Slots However, amoxicillin is susceptible to degradation by.

Due to its longer half-life and more sustained serum levels, amoxicillin is taken three times a day and costs only slightly more than penicillin.

The recommended oral dosage of amoxicillin with or without clavulanic acid is mg loading dose followed by mg every 8 h Table 4. It has been argued that amoxicillin has a broader spectrum than is required for endodontic needs and, therefore, its use in a healthy individual could contribute to the global problem of antibiotic. American Association of. Endodontists There is no doubt that the use of antibiotics in general should be restricted to those cases where there is a clear indication for them; however, whether the selection of one type over another with a slightly wider spectrum can contribute to the global resistance problem is not well reasoned.

Even more important than slightly better antimicrobial spectrum, amoxicillin is better absorbed, and can therefore be use in a lower dose and may thus reduce the gastrointestinal side effects. On the other hand, penicillin-induced diarrhoea may even further reduce.

TableTable 44 EffectiveEffective antibioticsantibiotics prescribedprescribed inin endodonticsendodontics references references inin thethe text text. Drug of choice. Loading dose. Maintenance dose. ClindamycinClindamycin bb. ClarithromycinClarithromycin bb.

AzithromycinAzithromycin bb. PenicillinPenicillin VV isis aa narrow-spectrumnarrow-spectrum antibioticantibiotic forfor infectionsinfections causedcaused byby aerobic gram-negative cocci, facultative and anaerobic microorganisms U. NLM It has selective toxicity and exerts its antibacterial effect by the inhibition of cell wall production in bacteria.

Penicillin is also a short-acting medication, with half of the amount circulating being removed from the body every half hour U. It has been documented that the majority of microorganisms have. However, amoxicillin has a wide spectrum against endodontic pathogens.

InInIn aaa clinicalclinicalclinical studystudystudy withwithwith patientspatientspatients withwithwith abscessesabscessesabscesses Warnke Warnke Warnke etetet al. Although penicillin is generally the antibiotic of choice in infections of endodontic origin, one disadvantage associated with its use is the possibility of allergic reactions.

However,However, dentistsdentists mustmust notnot overuseoveruse nonbeta-lactamnonbeta-lactam. As a minimum, the clinician should ask about the symptoms of allergy from the patient. It must be remembered that some patients may report intolerance symptoms, that is diarrhoea or upset stomach, as an allergy.

ClindamycinClindamycin belongsbelongs toto thethe lincosamidelincosamide classclass ofof antibiotics. ItIt killskills microorganisms by blocking their ribosomes. It is effective against most gram-positive aerobes and both gram-positive and gram-negative facultative bacteria and anaerobes.

The distribution of this antibiotic in most body tissues is effective and has a bone concentration approximating. Penicillin successfully treated the pathogens. The adult oral dosage. Patients with good general health, small. However, this study took place in a hospital and the standard regimen for adult patients was 5 million units penicillin G intravenously every 8 h for 5 days.

Taking into account that IV penicillin G does not suffer from poor absorbance, this may have affected the outcome of the study. MetronidazoleMetronidazole isis aa nitroimidazolenitroimidazole thatthat isis usedused eithereither asas anan antiprotozoalantiprotozoal agent or an antibiotic against anaerobic bacteria, and has been suggested as a supplemental medication for amoxicillin because of its excellent activity against anaerobes American Association of Endodontists AAE Because there are many bacteria resistant to metronidazole and it.

A loading dose of mg of penicillin V should be administered orally.

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An update in periapical surgery. Director of the Master of Oral Surgery and Implantology. Valencia University Dental School. Valencia, Spain.


2018, Número 1

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Orellana Published Computer Science. Due to the complex radicular anatomy, there is a constant search for a three - dimensional seal - as tight as possible in the obturation - making possible the repair of the tissues. Since its discovery, gutta-percha remains as the ideal material for this purpose; because it has the particularity of adapting to the different thermal changes and its disadvantages do not diminish its qualities.


Revision de Articulos 4- Antibioticos en Endodoncia.en.Es

Periapical changes following root canal treatment observed years postoperatively. Int Endod J. The Tennessee study: factors affecting treatment outcome and healing time following nonsurgical root canal treatment. Intraradicular bacteria and fungi in root-filled, asymptomatic human teeth with therapy-resistant periapical lesions: a long-term light and electron microscopic follow-up study. J Endod.


Técnicas y sistemas actuales de obturación en endodoncia. Revisión crítica de la literatura

SunaySunaySunaySunay 7,7,7,7, L. GouldGouldGouldGould 2,2,2,2, B. DummerDummer PMH. Recibido el 3 de de octubre de de ; aceptado el 19 de de diciembre de 2.

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