I have exchanged this unit three times. Different batteries tried and faults constantly. Make yourself a battery box without the POS inverter and save yourself a few hundred bucks. Purchased an Arkpak I believe the charger in the unit is not sufficient. My new battery went dead.

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I have exchanged this unit three times. Different batteries tried and faults constantly. Make yourself a battery box without the POS inverter and save yourself a few hundred bucks.

Purchased an Arkpak I believe the charger in the unit is not sufficient. My new battery went dead. Need to buy a new battery and a different charging system. Will not recommend or touch this product again. On return, the salesrep was not surprised to see another faulty Arkpak. Kept coming up on display have you put a new battery in. Said no. Now will not switch on. Never buy. Waste of my hard earned money.

Stay away from this box. Cant contact arc for help. The reviewer stated that an incentive was offered for this review. Bought first ark pak had installed. Thought was best option for fridge and phone recharge. After 2 months would not charge from car or power point. Battery went flat Had to buy new battery Returned to autobahn x 10 times Screen crashed not reading correctly. Read more. Purchased an Arkpak , worked fine the 1st time we used it.

The next 2 times the V outlet would not work, kept making a beeping sound. Went through all the troubleshooting several times, still can't use V. Made for a frustrating camping trip not being able to power items. Rang Arkcorp twice for tech support, was promised to be called back and received no call. Understandably at this stage, very disappointed in the product and non existent support.

Would no suggest this product. Good unit. No issues with system at all, good product. My Ark Pak was great while it worked. No money. The Ark pack works fine using DC current but even when you turn the switch on to use the inverter in continually beeps Voltage is fine but the inverter won't power a small light without beeping Seems reliable for DC current only Disappointed with inverter set up.

Their expensive unit is a waste of your money and gives BCF a bad name. There are issues with the fuse compartment they even have a procedure they will text you!!

You are to pull the fuse out bend it and put back in, and then magic!!! It works. Put back in and it works!! They took a phone call from me on the 23rd August and fixed my unit. Now claim no fault at all!!! Took me a while to understand it. I charge it from solar panels about one day a week while not using it.

While camping it ran a small compressor fridge while laso charging phone etc. Seemed to drain still while only running small Engle fridge. On return home tried charging on v, no success. Contacted Arc who said it must be a problem with battery. Replaced and blew fuse in car. Fridge still runs off pac but cant charge.

Will be binning and buying another brand. Had for under two years lost two fridge fulls of food it has been back twice for repair. Bought one three years ago, then on one of my trips, burning smell. I unplugged immediately but it was too late! Diagnosis after three month wait for repair on warranty: burnt motherboard.

Then in July on a car trip to Townsville, blown fuse in car. I replaced fuse and again blown fuse. Stay away from it! Over couple years got error open circuit. Next I check box and at per cent. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Had a kickass battery box 3 years no hassles whatsoever. Do not buy this power station. One of the worst products I have had any thing to do with.

Fuses always loose no contact, had it returned for warranty work this took 2 months. Seems to be a common problem. Ark Pak people didn't seem to be very interested as it was out of warranty. Sent many messages via email to Arc Corp, with no reply from them.

I have had my Ark Pak for about 12months was working fine I decided to leave battery charger on continually for around. Charged ok on v but popped the 10amp fuse in the lead every time I tried to charge in from the 12v socket trying to run a 60 litre engel fridge had auto sparky test my cars wiring and the fridge and couldn't fault it went back to the original arkpak with the w inverter works fine.

So 2 sources of charging at the same time coming in. These do not influence our content moderation policies in any way, though ProductReview. Ark ArkPak , , Write a review. Ask a question. Sort by: Newest. Review rating. Incentivised Review. Your trust is our top concern. Companies can't alter or remove reviews from ProductReview. Ark ArkPak P. So very disappointed again. Similar opinion? Write a review on ProductReview. Other Generators Previous. Gentrax 3. Honda EU20i 3.

Gentrax 2. Cromtech CTGi 4. James Metropolitan Adelaide, SA. Ark ArkPak Dont buy rubbish. Compare all. Ark ArkPak real crap. Not happy. Ark ArkPak not happy with ark pak. Read more Received new ark pak after 2 weeks. Fuses blown.

IEC 61709 PDF

ArkPak 715 Portable Power

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Arkpak AP730 Instruction Manual

Quick Links. Download this manual. Before operating this product please read this. Table of Contents.


ArkPak 730 Portable Power



ArkPak 715 12V/240V Power Box - 7.5 Amp


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