In the 's, the US military adopted the metric system of measurement and uses metric measurements to describe ammo. However, the US commercial ammo market typically used the English "caliber" measurements when describing ammo. Dimensionally, 5. The chambers for.

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History and Basic Design of. What is the history behind the development of the. What is the difference between 5. Which should I be looking for in an AR15, a 5. What is the circle-cross stamp on some of my ammo?

What is FMJ? What is "Ballistic Tip" ammo? What about Mk or Mk Mod1? What are the dimensional specifications for M and M casings? What is SS? Is it the same as M? What type of ammo is current issue for US Military forces? So why don't all US military units carry M? Performance of. I have my rifle zeroed with M ammo. Will any 62gr ammo shoot the same? Do M and M shoot to the same point of impact?

Ok, what is all this stuff about rifle twists and different ammo? OK, that's complex. Simple question: Can I fire M ammo in my or twist barrel? Will M be accurate in a or twist barrel? What twist rate do I want for my rifle? I have heard that some of these don't meet military specifications, particularly with respect to sealant on the necks and primers? Holy earache Batman! Everyone at the range is looking at me now. What gives? Military ammo has flash retardant, right? What sort of velocity and ballistics should I expect from military ammo?

What is Moly? What's it good for? Moly sounds hella-cool. I'm going to use it will all my rounds from now on! Terminal Performance of. So which ammo is better, M or M? And what is all this discussion about fragmentation? Are these dum-dum bullets? So, velocity is a critical component for the wound profile. How fast must the bullet be traveling when it hits its target in order to fragment reliably?

At what range will M fragment? How about M? So do both M and M fragment the same? How do their wound profiles compare to the FBI requirements? Isn't 7. Why would I want to use 5. Didn't tightening the twist rate from to reduce the wounding potential of M? If I increase spin or barrel twist, won't that decrease wounding by making a round more stable in tissue? Does the 2, fps rule apply to all. That's really complicated. Simple question: Why is M better than M?

But doesn't M penetrate hard objects better than M? I heard that M has had serious stopping problems in Afghanistan, and earlier in Somalia. Is this true? Is military ammo the best choice for defensive use? But what about specialty commercial rounds, like TAP, hollowpoints and softpoints?

Aren't they better than Mil-Spec ammo for defensive use? Don't I have to worry about FMJ rounds going through walls and hurting my family or others? I'm concerned about roving packs of zombies driving automobiles after the end of the world as we know it.

Since, as everyone knows, you have to make headshots to kill zombies, what ammo should I be using to defeat auto glass and sheet metal? So are heavier rounds dead for self-defense purposes? What about using Wolf in defensive roles? My department is considering using 10" or They are so cool, and everyone knows that all the real go-fast, high-speed, low-drag operators use SBRs.

Plus, Robert DeNiro uses one in "Heat. Is Gelatin testing accurate or what? Where can I find reviews of various types of ammo? Why should I test new-production ammo? It should work, shouldn't it? Selection of. Do I want SS or M then?

What if I want more punch? What should I move up to from 5. Isn't 5. Shouldn't I use a pistol or shotgun instead? What is "SHTF" ammo? What is the best M to get? But aren't all M rounds the same? It's a standard specification, right? What is with this goo and the dings on my Lake City Rounds? What is this discoloration on the necks of my QA? Did someone take a blowtorch to it?

Where can I get some M AP? Should I leave two tracers at the bottom of my magazine to tell me when I'm out of ammo? Isn't shooting tracers bad for my weapon? Can tracers cause fires? What is the best round for hunting deer-sized game? What is the best round for varmint hunting?

What is the best round for match use? Will steel-jacketed bullets wear out my barrel? Is Wolf-brand or other steel-cased. Are there any other factors that might cause me to avoid ammo? Ammunition recommendations from the authors of the AR What ammunition does Troy recommend for self-defense, plinking, training and match use? What ammunition does Derek F. What ammunition does Tatjana recommend for self-defense, plinking, training and match use?

Purchase and Storage of. Where can I get military ammo, like M and M? What brands of M are available? Where did all the South African Battlepack Ammo go? I'm buying ammo for long-term storage and I have found some surplus ammo cheap.


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