Recently, under the influence of rapid development of digital technologies, new flexible forms of employment have emerged, which are characterized by strong or prevalent support of information and communication technology. Using these technologies, we have developed one-chip digital signal processor DSP modem for mobile terminal, which is compact, of light weight, and of low power consumption. The hotel is now under the leadership of its second French general manager since its cooperation with the French hotel management group Accor in The selection of the characteristics relevant for the risk assessment is described. A note on simulated annealing to computer laboratory scheduling Following this, the signal-to-multipath ratio SMR is introduced.

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Along with the progress of times and the development of science and technology, mobile devices have become more and more popular. At the same time, an increasing number of Wi -Fi networks are being built for the demand of mobile devices.

Therefore, the security between mobile devices and Wi -Fi networks became a main object in the IT area. The purpose of the thesis is to analyze security threats and give relative advises for all the mobile device and Wi -Fi network users.

The thesis mainly ta We study six months of human mobility data, including Wi Fi and GPS traces recorded with high temporal resolution, and find that time series of Wi Fi scans contain a strong latent location signal. In fact, due to inherent stability and low entropy of human mobility , it is possible to assign location These results reveal a great opportunity for using ubiquitous Wi Fi routers for high-resolution outdoor positioning, but also significant privacy implications of such side-channel location tracking Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden.

After the IEEE In the area of security aspects, compared to IEEE In this paper, we investigate the current Mobile Wi MAX security architecture focusing mainly on pointing out new security vulnerabilities such as a disclosure of security context in network entry, a lack of secure communication in network domain, and a necessity of efficient handover supporting mutual authentication.

Smartphones and other mobile devices have proliferated in the past five years. The expectation of mobile device users to always be online has led to Wi -Fi networks being offered by a variety of providers. Using these networks introduces multiple security risks. In this work, we assess to what extent the privacy stance of mobile device users corresponds with their actual behavior by conducting a study with participants.

Our methodology consists of monitoring Wi -Fi networks that the partici The quality of an IPTV service definitely depends on the allocated bandwidth for that channel. Full Text Available The article presents an overview of wireless technology Wi -Fi, as well as its vulnerabilities.

Examples of attacks that exploit these vulnerabilities are provided. The methods of protection against such threats are suggested. With the popularity of various IoT mobile terminals such as mobile phones and sensors, the energy problems of IoT mobile terminals have attracted increasingly more attention. In this paper, we explore the impacts of some important factors of Wi Fi environments on the energy consumption of mobile phones, which are typical IoT end devices.

The factors involve the Wi Fi signal strength under good signal conditions, the type and the amount of protocol packets that are initiated by Wi Fi APs Access Points to maintain basic network communication with the phones. Controlled experiments are conducted to quantitatively study the phone energy impacts by the above Wi Fi environmental factors. The models constructed in the paper corroborate the following user experience on phone energy consumption: 1 a phone's energy is drawn faster under higher Wi Fi signal strengths than under lower ones even in normal signal conditions; 2 phones consume energy faster in a public Wi Fi network than in a private one even in the basic phone state.

The energy modeling methods proposed in the paper enable ordinary developers to analyze phone energy draw conveniently by utilizing inexpensive power meters as measurement tools. The modeling methods are general and are able to be used for phones of any type and any platform. It is well known that the evolution of 4G-based mobile multimedia network systems will contribute significantly to future mobile healthcare m-health applications that require high bandwidth and fast data rates.

In this paper, we address the relevant challenges of cross-layer design requirements for real-time rate adaptation of ultrasound video streaming in mobile Wi MAX and HSUPA networks. Full Text Available Smartphones and other mobile devices have proliferated in the past five years. Afterwards, participants are surveyed about their awareness and privacy sensitiveness. We show that while a higher expertise in computer networks corresponds to more awareness about the connections made by apps, neither this expertise nor the actual privacy stance of the participant translates to better security habits.

Moreover, participants in general were unaware about a significant part of connections made by apps on their devices, a matter that is worsened by the fact that one third of Wi -Fi networks that participants connect to do not have any security enabled. Based on our results, we provide recommendations to network providers, developers and users on how to improve Wi -Fi security for mobile devices.

Various overheads that impact the capacity are explained and methods to reduce these overheads are also presented. The advantage of a simple model is that the effect of each decision and sensitivity to various parameters can be seen easily. The analysis process helps explain various features of IEEE It is shown that proper use of overhead reducing mechanisms and proper scheduling can make an order of magnitude difference in performance.

This capacity evaluation method can also be used for validation of simulation models. Simulation can not showing the cause of that error. So, we do formal verification in to hard handover model with mobility pattern. The model is foccused to aproximating the influence of mobility pattern in to handoff latency from Wi MAX hard handover mechanism. In order to set up a series markov chain models handover system can follow steps, such as: represents the state space, give a number in all transitions, generate the rate transition matrix infinitesimal generator.

Probabilistic model checking in the research are using quantitative properties and qualitative properties. We proposed and realized a new device that acquires microscopic image wirelessly based on mobile phone and Wi Fi system. The mobile terminals could record, display and store the image from the far end via the wireless LAN. Using this system, a series of conceptual experiments on monitoring the microscopic images of common objects and liver cancer cells were successfully demonstrated.

This system is expected to have important value in the experimental investigations on wirelessly monitoring the cell culture, and small insect etc. Full Text Available Library technology and other professionals with diverse skills must be able to locate each other during the workday, in order to most responsively serve their clients.

While staff often carry cellular phones, contact can be especially challenging given the constant, highly mobile nature of library work, especially on larger campuses with variable cellular phone service. This article describes the application, which is based on Wi -Fi fingerprinting, and suggests how other developers could use it and new methods from the computer science literature as starting points to create their own applications. Based on the pilot pattern of this particular system, some channel estimation methods including conventional interpolations and a more favorable least-squares line fitting LSLF technique are comparatively studied.

Besides, channel estimation performance can be remarkably improved by taking advantage of channel tracking derived from the preamble symbol. System performances in terms of packet error rate PER and user link throughput are investigated in various channels adopted from the well-known ITU models for mobile environments.

Full Text Available Because of the many applications running on smartphones, the load of mobile data traffic on cellular networks is increasing rapidly. A femtocell is a solution to increase the cellular network capacity and coverage.

However, because it uses the same frequency bands as a macrocell, interference problems have prevented its widespread adoption. In this paper, we propose a scheme for traffic offloading between femtocells and Wi Fi networks utilizing software-defined networking SDN technology. In the proposed offloading scheme, the SDN technology allows a terminal to maintain existing sessions after offloading through a centralized control of the SDN-based equipment.

We also propose an offloading target selection scheme based on available bandwidth estimation and an association control mechanism to reduce the femtocell load while ensuring quality of service QoS in terms of throughput. Full Text Available Makalah ini membahas tentang pengembangan relay station untuk transmisi downlink Mobile Wi MAX dengan menggunakan metode hybrid, yaitu metode transmisi yang menggunakan tiga buah transmisi.

Ketiga transmisi tersebut yaitu dua buah transmisi yang melewati relay station terlebih dahulu baru ke receiver dan satu buah transmisi langsung dari pengirim ke penerima. Hasil simulasi menunjukkan bahwa ketika Relay Station dalam mode forwarding Amplify and Forward AF akan memperoleh BER yang kecil sehingga throughput besar dan merupakan perfomansi yang terbaik.

Ketika masing-masing relay station diatur agar menggunakan mode forwarding yang berbeda, misalnya AF pada relay station 1 dan DF pada Relay Station 2 atau sebaliknya akan memperoleh hasil yang sama. Sedangkan ketika kedua relay station diatur untuk menggunakan mode forwarding Decode and Forward DF, maka BER yang dihasilkan besar dan throughput-nya pun kecil, dan kondisi ini merupakan yang terburuk.

Full Text Available Due to the increasing requirements of the seamless and round-the-clock Location-based services LBSs, a growing interest in Wi -Fi network aided location tracking is witnessed in the past decade. One of the significant problems of the conventional Wi -Fi location tracking approaches based on received signal strength RSS fingerprinting is the time-consuming and labor intensive work involved in location fingerprint calibration. To solve this problem, a novel unlabeled Wi -Fi simultaneous localization and mapping SLAM approach is developed to avoid the location fingerprinting and additional inertial or vision sensors.

In this approach, an unlabeled mobility map of the coverage area is first constructed by using the crowd-sourcing from a batch of sporadically recorded Wi -Fi RSS sequences based on the spectral cluster assembling.

Then, the sequence alignment algorithm is applied to conduct location tracking and mobility map updating. Finally, the effectiveness of this approach is verified by the extensive experiments carried out in a campus-wide area. Full Text Available Abstract The performance of the wrap-around Viterbi decoding algorithm with finite truncation depth and fixed decoding trellis length is investigated for tail-biting convolutional codes in the mobile Wi MAX standard.

Upper bounds on the error probabilities induced by finite truncation depth and the uncertainty of the initial state are derived for the AWGN channel. The truncation depth and the decoding trellis length that yield negligible performance loss are obtained for all transmission rates over the Rayleigh channel using computer simulations.

The results show that the circular decoding algorithm with an appropriately chosen truncation depth and a decoding trellis just a fraction longer than the original received code words can achieve almost the same performance as the optimal maximum likelihood decoding algorithm in mobile Wi MAX. A rule of thumb for the values of the truncation depth and the trellis tail length is also proposed. Full Text Available Packet scheduling has drawn a great deal of attention in the field of wireless networks as it plays an important role in distributing shared resources in a network.

The process involves allocating the bandwidth among users and determining their transmission order. A threshold policy is imposed to the nrtPS queue to ensure that the delay constraint of real time traffic UGS, ertPS, and rtPS is not violated making this approach original in comparison to the existing contributions.

A mathematical model is formulated for the weighted sum of the mean waiting time of each individual queues based on the pseudo-conservation law. The results of the analysis are useful in obtaining or testing approximation for individual mean waiting time especially when queues are asymmetric where each queue may have different stochastic characteristic such as arrival rate and service time distribution and when their number is large more than 2 queues.

However delivering Wi MAX through the terrestrial network has already been started a few years ago. This paper evaluates the performance of coexistence system between cellular HAPS and terrestrial for the downlink scenario when they are transmitting Wi MAX mobile Our evaluation is based on the performance simulation of coexistence model using two methods. First method is a footprint exchange between the two systems.

The second method is a combination of footprint exchange and HAPS footprint enhancement. The proposed methodsare then evaluated by computer simulation in terms of carrier to interference plus noise ratio CINR performance. In general, both methods resulting performance enhancement in CINR quality compared with coexistence deployment with normal scenario of the cell configuration used by HAPS and terrestrial. The method of combining footprint exchange and HAPS footprint enhancement is able to improve CINR more than 10 dB compared with the normal footprint configuration for all users location inside the coverage.

Energy-signal quality trade-offs in a Wi MAX mobile station with a booster amplifier. Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access Wi MAX is a broadband wireless access technology that is able to provide high bit rate mobile internet services.

Battery endurance remains a problem in current mobile communication. On the other hand, signal quality determines the successful run of the mobile applications. Energy consumption optimization cannot sacrifice the signal level required by the application to run smoothly. On the contrary, the application should consider battery life time. This paper examines the tradeoffs between energy and signal quality in Wi MAX subscriber station by adjusting signal level using a booster amplifier.

Simulation evaluations show that an increment of 0. By keeping the amplifier turned on, energy consumption increases up to 0.


Ing. Bc. David Matoušek, Ph.D.

The regulation of a project of the deregulation: The results of the various tests in both the lab and field are obtained and analyzed to The Promise of Information Technologies. The stuff of enlightening diagnoses; Stoff fuer erhellende Diagnosen. It is also believed that the presence of induced voltage causes interference to existing modem communication which operates at low frequency channel. Konstant niedrige Ablaufwerte sind aber nur dann moeglich, wenn der Nitrifikationsprozess ungestoert ablaufen kann.



Along with the progress of times and the development of science and technology, mobile devices have become more and more popular. At the same time, an increasing number of Wi -Fi networks are being built for the demand of mobile devices. Therefore, the security between mobile devices and Wi -Fi networks became a main object in the IT area. The purpose of the thesis is to analyze security threats and give relative advises for all the mobile device and Wi -Fi network users. The thesis mainly ta We study six months of human mobility data, including Wi Fi and GPS traces recorded with high temporal resolution, and find that time series of Wi Fi scans contain a strong latent location signal. In fact, due to inherent stability and low entropy of human mobility , it is possible to assign location



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