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List's Title. List's Description. Delete List. ALL 18 Paperback 15 Hardcover 3. Stock Status. Publication Year. Display 1 - 18 from 18 results. Mies Van Der Rohe: Barcelona The expert contributors to this lavishly illustrated volume, devoted entirely to Mies van der Rohe's Barcelona Pavilion of , address here for the first time the forgotten contexts of the Pavilion's genesis.

Habitually thought of as an abstract, unpolluted, and splendidly isolated building--a precursor of Mies's American period--the Pavilion is revealed here as a thoroughly European work, perhaps less pristine but more authentic. Mies and Lilly Reich were commissioned to design not only the Pavilion but also more than one hundred thousand square feet of German stands spread throughout the Exposition.

By examining that work in addition to the Pavilion itself.. Read More. Special Order. Special Order items are usually fulfilled in weeks. Cannot combine other item s in one order. Price incl. Add to My List. Added to Cart. Romanesque - Picasso. This beautifully illustrated book, the catalog for an exhibition on view at the National Museum of Art of Catalonia in Barcelona and coorganized with the Picasso Museum in Paris, explores important affinities between Picasso and Romanesque art.

Using two key moments as starting points, Juan Jos Lahuerta and Emilia Philippot first discuss the summer of , when Picasso stayed in the village of G sol in the Catalan Pyrenees, and then turn to , as he visited the Romanesque art collections of what is today the National Museum of Art of Catalonia.

Picasso's discovery of the Romanesque nurtured his interest in other "primitive" or ethnographic art, later echo.. El Constructivismo. Published in in Russian, Aleksei Gan's Constructivism was the first theoretical treatise of postrevolutionary Russia's emergent Constructivist movement. Fired with revolutionary zeal, it was unquestionably a declaration of war on traditional bourgeois art. Constructivism recasts artists and architects as Constructors, turning away from aesthetic or speculative problems in art and instead focusing on the fusion of art with everyday life in order to create a functional system of design, one in keeping with the great task of building the new communist society.

This edition replicates Gan's original layout, which was one of the first experiments in Construct.. Restocking items are usually fulfilled in weeks. Columns of Smoke is a four-volume collection. The first volume includes "Photography or Life" and "Popular Mies," which illuminate overlooked aspects of modern architecture and photography and reveal a more nuanced--and plausible--conception of the modern world.

In "Photography or Life," Juan Jos Lahuerta contrasts well-known images tied to the history of twentieth-century architecture with anonymous graphic materials and pictures from the popular press. In doing so, he demonstrates that pointing a camera at a building is neither natural nor innocent--it involves deliberate and telling decisions. His analysis of the work of Adolf Loos and Le Corbusier, for e.. In Albino , photojournalist Ana Palacios takes us inside a shelter for people with albinism and reveals what daily life is like for those living with the genetic condition in Tanzania.

As Palacios documents, widespread ignorance of the causes of albinism has fed stigmatization, marginalization, persecution, and prejudice within the country. In addition to the social and physical threats that those with albinism face from other Tanzanians, they must also confront the strong possibility of skin cancer--a disease for which effective treatment options can be found in the West, but which in Africa tends to reduce life expectancy for those with albinism to under thi..

Legible-Visible explores the relationship between print publications and audio-visual documents, two of the most important media in the social and cultural landscape of our time--and two forms that also define the evolution of contemporary art in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries.

Mela D vila and Maite Mu oz here show how the arrival of inexpensive home video technologies in the s and then of digital media at the turn of the millennium sparked revolutions in the creation and diffusion of both video artworks and artists' publications. D vila proposes a theoretical and historical framework for works long dismissed by the market because of their seria.. Juan Jos Lahuerta's Columns of Smoke series offers bold new readings of modernity and its key figures while redefining the connections between architecture, ornamentation, and the portrayal of both in print media.

The third volume focuses on the Spanish architect Antoni Gaud , whose spectacular fin-de-si cle bohemian modernism stood in revolutionary contrast to the leading approaches of the day. With the rise of Le Corbusier's modern style of architecture in the early twentieth century, architects who favored ornamentation and a strong bond with nature, like Gaud , were relegated to the sidelines.

Lahuerta draws on first-hand documents, many prev.. For their Venice Biennale pavilion, Catalonia presented an exhibition exploring the life of public statues and reflecting on the capacity of artworks to possess agency. The project considers the often-intense relationship that forms between humans and statues, focusing on fifteen such works from around Catalonia. At times celebrated, vandalized, protected, or destroyed, figurative sculptures have a strange capacity to inspire intense emotions, to make one "lose their head.

Pre-Order items are usually fulfilled working days after publication date. I Conta-Li'l. Pilar Bell s, llicenciada en filologia anglesaprofessora d'angl s, infantilprim ria, ha creat aquestos contes per donar resposta a les necessitats que se li han presentar en la seves aules.

Ella vol compartir-los amb tots vosaltres amb el desig que la m gia dels contes arribe a tots els xiquetsxiquetes. L' autora inclou una aplicaci did ctica de cada conte. Perqu mai m s hi haja cap escola, ni mestre a ni xiquet a, ni cap pare o mare sense un conte a m en qualsevol ocasi. A trav s dels contes desenvoluparem la creativitattreballarem valors.

Alma Inmortal. Kate, una chica corriente de Nueva York, tras una aventura en Venecia con sus amigas y un suceso inesperado, tendr que abandonar su vida, tal y como la conoc a hasta aquel instante, y enfrentarse al secreto mejor guardado de la historia. As , se introducir en un nuevo mundo, que ha evolucionado a la par que la sociedad en la que vivimos y cuyos or genes se remontan a la prehistoria, pero que siempre se ha mantenido oculto a los ojos de los mortales. Podr s vivir sin saber cu l es el secreto?

Co-opting the discredited format of the history textbook with its didactic tone, well-defined stages, and linear development, David Bestu subverts the clich s of historiography, creating an unorthodox path whilst recovering forgotten ideas and breathing new life into familiar tropes.

It is a work that seeks to understand how the landscape is drawn around us. A fresh and very personal reading of our recent history, illuminated by photographs, collages, and gadgets created to explain the reasons of form. Formalismo Puro is an art project in its own right, created by a conceptual artist with a background in sculpture, enthralled by the notion of architecture as..

L pez Rienda recopila sus impresiones como cronista de guerra en el asunto del Rif en su viaje a la zona francesa, que fu albergue mucho tiempo de enemigos de Espa a, a los que no se impidi toda maniobra.

Qu ocurre? Abd-el-Krim, hecho al calor del divorcio que rein siempre e.. Frente al fracaso. Raisuni, de Silvestre a Burguete. Cr nica y biograf a de Er Raisuni. Testimonio de los errores cometidos muchos a os en el protectorado espa ol y el engranaje oculto de la pol tica marroqu.

In , while a student of architecture at the Moscow Vhutemas, Georgii Krutikov presented a vision for a flying city. More than just a flight of architectural fancy, Krutikov's flying city was a utopian dream, a plan to solve the seemingly intractable problems of overcrowding and resource depletion by moving humanity's living quarters to space.

Inspired in equal parts by sci-fi dreams of space travel and the revolutionary idealism that still percolated in the Soviet Union at that time, Krutikov created an incredible amount of detailed information about his city: sketches, drawings, plans, and more.

Krutikov's flying city has been cited as a major influence o.. La mente del Creador. Un mensaje procedente del espacio profundo provoca que se lleve a cabo la mayor odisea espacial de la historia de la humanidad.

Un viaje cruzando el Universo en busca de las respuestas a la ltimas preguntas lleva a los protagonistas a un final sorprendente acerca del origen de todo lo conocido.. La Isla del Maiz.

Todos la buscan y nadie la encuentra, en una isla perdida del Atl ntico la suerte tiene el nombre de un franc s que la proporciona para ganar la loter a. El secreto mejor guardado es c mo consigue acertar los n meros de los premios.

Pero no es tan f cil ser el elegido, hay que ser puro, tanto como un peninsular reci n llegado intentando olvidar una vida acabada. Si te ofreciesen solucionar tu vida, qu har as? Nada que perder y mucho que ganar, incluso si para ello el protagonista tienen que llegar hasta l mites insospechados.

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