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Moderators: Joe. Post by m. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Anybody have an Akai AX73 service manual? It'd be greatly appreciated! Have you looked inside yours incidentally?

I opened mine up today to havea look at a minro thing, and found a wire solderred it, on the left hand two pcbs, connecting to the lower board via a transistor. Looks a bit of a home done bodge but maybe not? I just like weird music and adventures in sound - gear for sale. Hey Paradigm X, quick question: on the power supply board are 3 tall black cylindrical capacitors.

Do yours have any yellowish glue-like substance at the base of them? Mine do, and I'm wondering if either the goop was put there at the factory to minimize vibration, or if the caps are blown. I found the goop in another area holding down a wire, so it makes me suspicious. Ill open it ip and take a photo soon.

Did yours have the brown wire retrofit? Whats up with yours out of interest. Paradigm, mine has a white wire coming from the power supply board that is gooped down to the voice board, just before it gets to the leg of a transistor.

The goop is the same color as the stuff surrounding the base of the caps on the power board, which makes me think it was put there. Attached is a pic of the caps. It appears the cap and wire gooping is identical to mine, so perhaps it was done in the factory that way.

I don't think mine has those additional caps clooged on to the chassis, but will keep an eye out for them. As far as getting that screw post back on to the front panel, I'd use JB Weld. It comes in two separate tubes that you mix in to a putty before applying. I recently repaired the plastic chassis on my chain saw and it worked great. I guess you never found a copy of the service docs online?

Cheers Ben. I was thinking tho, given the age, should we be replacing the caps this is called 'recapping' yeah?

I must admit im not sure about capping and if it aint broke dont fix it. Yeah, its also a bit of a worry messing about with the CEMs. I might try to talk to synthpto, i think ive seen some before. I would also love to see a link to the Service Manual for the AX, and any link towards how people modified it to control it live, or instructions on how one would do it.

It would be gorgeous And the sound is great, so that would make it a much more valuable synth. The Ax73 is very similar to the Ax60 to which there is a service manual available for free. I guess you could try and mix in CV from your pots after the demuxes But it'd be trick to do anything with envelopes. Next step after that is of course to build your own CPU -board arduino powerful enough?


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